5 Reasons Take Your Dog To Work Day Should Be Everyday

This Friday, June 23rd is take your dog to work day.  This day was founded in 1999 by Pet Sitters International and is increasingly celebrated by Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Israel.  Take your pet to work dog was founded to encourage businesses to allow dogs into the workplace one day a year to promote adoptions from shelters and humane societies by demonstrating the inseparable human-dog bond.

Take your dog to work day may seem like all fun and games, but bringing pets to work has been shown to have many benefits for the employees, the business and the animals themselves.  Below are the top benefits of this day:

  1. Reduced Stress

Dogs have been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure in humans, thus reducing anxiety.

  1. Encourages healthy living

Dogs need breaks – and so do you!  Dogs must be walked throughout the day and provided with love and attention.  By taking breaks throughout the day you can keep healthy, rather than staying at the desk all day.

  1. Improved staff moral

Dogs are great at breaking the ice and making uncomfortable situations more comfortable.  Dogs make people seem more approachable and can put new employees at ease, allowing co-workers to bond.

  1. Dogs won’t be left alone at home

Although dogs can be left at home alone, a 9-5 work day takes a toll on them.  By bringing your dog to work, your pet can spend time with you throughout the day.

  1. Builds a stronger team

Dogs can allow for stronger relationships within the workplace.  With this, businesses can experience increased cooperation and positive behavior.  With a stronger team comes improved job satisfaction and employees are more productive. 

I hope you enjoy taking your dog to work day and the added health benefits.   Give your dog a hug and a nice long walk!

Featured image via vlad shu on Unsplash


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