To The One Who Will Love Her Next

She’s pretty damn resilient… make sure you know that. I hope you like stars because she certainly is the entire sun, and she doesn’t recognize it yet, but she is. She plays hard to get with her emotions and behaviors, but don’t you dare let her get away with lying about how she’s doing.

She has obvious red flags when the voice in her head has taken over again, so make sure you look out for them. If she starts losing weight, do not tell her she looks beautiful… this is a huge trigger for that brain of hers. Make sure she knows you’re worried about her, and ALWAYS make sure she has a snack before she goes to bed. These things may seem small and trivial, but they really are important.

I hope you like surprises because she’s the kind of person that will go out of her way to make our day a little brighter. That’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with her in the first place. She’s compassionate, kind, patient, and extraordinary… make sure you mirror these qualities when you are around her.

She’ll make you feel like the entire galaxy… I hope your heart is ready. The truth is, your heart will never really be ready for her. She’ll take you by storm; you’ll never know what hit you.

When she says “I love you”, it will be a feeling you’ve never experienced before, and it will certainly knock you off your feet. Don’t hesitate when saying it back. I want you to make her happy because she has a hard time doing it for herself sometimes.

Love her like she’s the best thing on earth, because, God, she is. She’s the world… treat her like it.


The one who will always love her

Feature image via Pexels


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