5 Things Guys Do That Make You Think They’re Not Interested

I’ve done my fair share of casual dating in my lifetime, and one thing I noticed is that most of the men I’ve dated all seem to have the same behaviors – behaviors that, well, seem as if they weren’t interested. Now, I can take a hint, so I assumed most of them just weren’t all that into me. However, some of them insisted I was wrong and that they were, indeed, interested.

To summarize, men are clueless. If you’re a man in the dating world, congratulations, because I’m about to save your (love) life. Here are the 5 things you’re doing to make a woman think that you’re not interested.

  1. Not texting first

Women hate to be the ones to constantly initiate things, including conversations. It’s nice to know that you’re thinking about us, and by texting us first for once, it shows that. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but just a simple text saying “hi” or asking how our day is going is going to put a smile on our face.

  1. Short text responses

If the only thing you’re responding is “yeah, hahaha” or anything that’s not progressing the conversation, we will just assume that you’re not interested and forget about you. You’ll be gone quicker than last night’s bottle of wine. We can take hints and that one is telling us “I don’t want to talk to you.” Sure, some people just aren’t big into texting, but if that’s the case and you’re making no effort to communicate in any form otherwise, it’s a red flag. Now, a lot of scenarios can come into play here as to why you aren’t answering, but once we have reason to believe you aren’t interested, we’ll run with it.

  1. Taking too long to respond

People are busy, we all have lives. We’re not going to expect you to be glued to your phone all day or drop what you’re doing to text us back, but if you happen to see our text, it doesn’t hurt to shoot us a “hey, saw your text, I’m in the middle of something, talk later” to let us know that we aren’t being ignored. By all means, it’s entirely possible that you just haven’t seen your phone, but as long as we don’t catch you looking at our Snapchat stories, posting on Instagram, or using other apps that require mobile phone use, we won’t even care.

  1. Not initiating plans

If we’re always the ones to ask you to dinner, to catch a movie, or to spend a day together, it’s definitely going to cross our minds that you might not be interested. It won’t be long before we’re tired of wasting our time and will want to move on. We want someone who is excited to see us and will do what they can to make that happen.

  1. Avoiding plans

Sometimes it’s hard to make plans because you have to work around two different schedules that don’t always match up. But if we have to initiate the plans and you don’t give a definite answer or you change the subject, we’ll assume you’re not interested in us. If it seems like you’re only making excuses not to see us, we’ll take the hint.

If you’re not interested in a woman, then you’re welcome for these tips on how to drop her since you’re too chicken to be upfront and just tell her you’re not interested. If you are interested, then please be aware of your actions or lack thereof. If you’re wanting that relationship to go anywhere, than you need to be upfront about your intentions and quit treating women like they’re your annoying little brother. You can tell us you’re interested in dating us but your actions will always say more about your intentions than your words. We won’t wait around because we’ve got bigger fish to fry. As the old saying goes, “check yourself before you wreck your (relationship) self.”

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


  1. The funny thing about this patronizing article is this women assumes men don’t know exactly what we’re doing when we do these things. Has it ever occurred to you that we ACTUALLY AREN’T INTERESTED? Oh no, I’m so hot that he has to be interested in me. So if he does this, I must become his mommy and teach him how to properly kiss my ass, so I can have the pleasure of dumping him!

    Umm… no. When we do these things, it means EXACTLY what you say it means. And we know what we’re doing. We’re not interested. And we don’t want to be rude, so please take the polite hint and go away. Women really need to get over themselves. You’re not any fun to be with and you have nothing to offer. Get used to guys brushing you off.


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