5 Reasons Brooke Davis Is The Woman You Want To Be

If you have never watched One Tree Hill, I would highly recommend it. There are many reasons to watch: the drama, inspiration, and love that is expressed throughout the show. However, the most important reason to watch the show is having the privilege of meeting and getting to know Brooke Davis.Though she is a fictional character, she has some momentous times on the show and became an incredible person. And through it all, she managed to become the one fictional character I strive to be and here are 5 reasons why:

Brooke Davis refused to let her insecurities define her and instead used them to better herself. She dealt with her fair share of difficult times with having her parents leave her in high school and being part of an epic love triangle, but she always came through stronger and better for it. There are many times throughout the series where she shows a less confident side of herself. She claims to feel like she’s “not enough.” But with the help and encouragement of her friends she overcomes and becomes a strong, independent person.

Brooke Davis never lets herself or those around her be or feel second-best. From cheerleading to her clothing line, Brooke Davis put passion in everything she did. She gave her all in literally everything including her relationships, both friendly and romantic. No matter the obstacle, she never let anything stand in her way. No matter the outcome she never let her passion fade and she never gave up on herself.

Brooke Davis does what she wants and never lets anyone get in her way (not even her mother). Brooke’s relationship with her mom is a lot like my relationship with my mom. Her mother is controlling and took advantage of her. But she didn’t let it stand in her way. She followed her dream and started her own clothing line. She started it in high school and kept it going. She had help, but she managed to never give up. She remains level-headed and continues her dream no matter what anyone said or did. She gave me hope for my dream and passion.

Brooke Davis desires what all young women want. She wanted love, security, a home, and a life that she could be proud of. And she showed us all how to do it. She isn’t perfect by any means, but through all of her failures, she came out stronger. She found her love, had all the security in the world and had a home and a life that she was happy with. And that’s all any of us really want. She gave us hope for our own futures and our own lives. Most importantly she taught us to wait for exactly what we deserve.

Brooke Davis is beautiful, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Her love and passion are the most amazing things I have seen on a TV show.  Her character has such a light and power that it makes you wish she was real and that you could be best friends with her. Her character is sweet, smart, and funny.

There is so much you can learn from Brooke Davis. There is also so much you can learn about yourself by watching her character. One Tree Hill is a beautiful story in itself, but Brooke Davis’ story is a great story all by itself. If you are looking for some inspiration or motivation you should definitely watch this show and follow Brooke Davis through her journey from shallow high school cheerleader to a successful business woman.

Featured image via One Tree Hill


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