13 Thoughts You Had During The VS Fashion Show That Weren’t About Body Image

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the only runway shows broadcast on public television. For years, young women have strutted their stuff in lingerie alongside the hottest musicians of the moment. This year the Angels went to Paris with Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weekend. As we watched, we all thought things like ‘I need to find my gym membership card’ and ‘I going to stop having bread’ and even ‘where can I buy self-tanner?’ But we also had some happy thoughts because, hello, everyone is beautiful and these models are real humans too!

1. The model that started going the wrong way, she is me.

2. Lady Gaga’s silhouette is breathtaking. She is the new Jessica Rabbit.

3. Did anyone else notice the PINK look with the jacket being worn properly yet there was also one around her waist?

4. Kendall is the hottest K there is.

5. Do they sell the clothing pieces worn with the lingerie? I need those knee high boots.

6. How many fans do they use to get that windblown hair to look so perfect all around the runway?

7. The models who don’t know the words to the song but try to sing along, you know that’s all your crew when your jam comes on at the club.

8. I would 100% trip over all the ribbons attached to their PINK bags.

9. Do they wear this lingerie for their significant others?

10. Dog purse comeback just happened.

11. Gaga has her wings and they are as bad ass as wings can get. Does that make her an angel?

12. “Imagine going to bed like a regular model, then waking up an angel.” Is that like when I go to bed with a fever and wake up with only a headache?

13. If only I looked that hot running into my ex in front of the entire world. You go, Bella Hadid. Slay girl, but next time maybe try smiling during the show.

Quote of the night:

“It’s about taking care of your body because it’s smart… it’s a lifestyle.”

Yes! Being a model isn’t just standing, looking pretty. It’s about being strong and healthy. We aren’t all stick thin or curvy or blonde or have tan skin or whatever the look of the month is; we are individuals and we should celebrate that! Eat that cookie, girl.

Featured Image via screengrab from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


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