10 GIFs That Will Make You Even More Obsessed With Penguins

Happy National Penguin Day!

Penguins are the cutest animals. I know, I know, puppies. But puppies are attainable. Penguins, on the other hand, have an allure about them. No one can really own a penguin; no one can see a penguin on the sidewalk; no one can go to a petting zoo for a penguin fix. All we can do for National Penguin Day is narrate this in hilarious gifs.

You think you guys are tough huh?

I’m sick of being the leader

Runnin’ through the 6 with my woes

Excuse me, pardon me, coming through

White and black penguin can jump

When I grow up, I want to fly

Put me in coach; I’m ready to play

But first, slip n’ slide time 

That’s for wearing the same outfit as me

Dang potholes! What do I taxes pay for?

If only I had one to play with and talk to. Penguins are the cutest and it’s only appropriate that they have their own national holiday so we can fawn over these adorable creatures. These gifs are bound to turn your gloomy Monday into a happier one. Be sure to procrastinate and celebrate to make your day a bit more bearable.

Featured image via Martin Wettstein on Unsplash


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