Your Typical Night Out As Told By New Girl

Most people live for the weekend (literally) and if you don’t live for it you’re still counting down the days till you can leave your desk and head to happy hour. Weekends are a time for friends, laugh, drinks and fun. They are also a time for freedom and bad decisions. While Sunday’s are mostly for lying around sulking in regret all day about all those bad decisions, everyone can agree that it’s worth the laughs.

When your “things to do list” finally has everything crossed off, it’s time to get weird.

And by weird, I mean getting drunk because alcohol seems to make everything better, or a lot worse. Either way, we need it to make everyone around us more bearable.

You’ve obviously been counting down the minutes with your friends so when everyone’s ready it’s show time.

But that might be a while because girls are never ready or on time. Sorry boys, we can’t help it and you’ll never understand.

Nothing like some self-motivation and a bunch of texting and reassurance from your best friends before you go out to make yourself feel better. No matter how late you already are.

But once you’re finally convinced you look hot, going out becomes instantly worth it when you see the cute guy across the bar ordering drinks. Tonight could be your big night.

So naturally you start drinking as much as you can, as fast as you can because maybe being drunk will make you seem funnier and not as awkward. Just kidding, but wishful thinking.

Being upfront is the best way to get the guy right? Uhh, who doesn’t like honesty?

Eh, or not. You probably didn’t want to have sex with him anyways. It was for the best.

Food is better than boys anyways, especially when you’re drunk. So screw the guy (pun not intended) and eat all the food!

And that’s when the regret sets in. You just couldn’t control yourself the pizza was so good, but whatever…those calories don’t count because you’re drunk, right? It will help you be less hungover tomorrow. Yep, your future self will thank you for it.

Once you’re full and satisfied, you feel the need to spill your life story to everyone and everything you see.

Then you realized what you just said. Thinking about how embarrassing you were leads to the downward spiral of emotions.

Until someone stops you after they’ve decided it was enough and it’s time to go to bed.

And it’s game over for the whole squad because what’s better than ending the night with a group sleepover with all your best friends? That’s right, nothing.

There aren’t many things that make a bunch of twenty-something year old happier than hitting the bars on the weekend and seeing where the night takes them, but usually it’s filled with lots of alcohol, lots of food, and sometimes tears. But in the morning you always wake up and have each other to laugh about all the stupid things you did. Here’s to living it up New Girl style.

Featured Image via Screengrab of New Girl


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