Cursed Not Blessed: 3 Reasons Having Long Legs Actually Sucks

“I’d kill to have legs as long as yours!” Um, no thank you. You don’t want these. You don’t want these unless you’re Kendall Jenner. You especially don’t want these if, despite the length of your legs, you’re still 5’4” and your torso alone is the same height as an average adolescent. This is the struggle that I have faced every day for the past 14 years, and I KNOW that I’m not the only person with these struggles.

Having long legs only really benefits you if you plan on being a model, have been blessed with a proportioned body, or want to some day be the proud owner of a Division 1 basketball scholarship. For a Communications major with no intention of posing for Vogue, these legs are not a good thing. Here’s why:

1. Not Being Able To See Anything When You Sit

Growing up, all of my friends would be really confused as to why I was taller than them when we were standing, but as soon as we sat down, I shrunk four inches. It took me years to realize that the world thought it would be funny if my torso stopped growing after the age of 11. Dinner tables are also a daily struggle for me. Do you remember being a kid and needing a booster seat to see over the table at a restaurant? That is 100% still my life. I am 19 years old, and I can’t see over most dining tables.

2. The Fingertip Rule

My public school had this rule where your shorts and skirts had to be as long as the tips of your fingertips. Guess who wore Bermuda shorts her entire public school career? THIS GIRL. The only time I could ignore this rule was in gym class, and that was the struggle of my entire childhood.

3. Nothing Fits…

Bless Topshop for having separate sections for petite and tall body types because your girl over here is walking around with both. Normal cropped tops cover my entire torso, and pants that fit my waist look like capris. I’ve honestly resorted to a) never wearing pants ever, and b) pretending that I bought all of my pants at ankle length. Almost all my denim has a single cuff at the hem and everyone thinks that I just really like buying pegged jeans but NOPE, I can only wish that my pants are long enough to go past my ankles.

Long legs are a curse that everyone lusts over. It’s especially a curse when your torso is unnaturally short. What happens if I go on a date and we go to a restaurant? Guess I won’t be seeing my date’s face during dinner. What happens if I find a cute dress? Sorry Yunesta, you can’t buy it because it’ll be too short even though it was designed to touch your knees. Like anything else good in the world, having long legs are both a gift and a struggle. In my case, they’re almost always a struggle.

Featured image via Wendy Wei on Pexels


  1. I just feel like you’re not being body positive. Like stop complaining about how you don’t like how you look- it’s pathetic and make all girls look like they’re like you. Embrace the body you live in or get plastic surgery.

    • I really don’t think you understand the nature of this article. I wrote it in a lighthearted sense- not to seriously complain about the fact that all of my jeans are too short. Calling me ‘pathetic’ for being able to joke about my body and not stress out about it is actually sad because putting me down for writing this is just as bad as not being body positive. I would know what being body positive is, and my past with eating disorders has definitely taught me that you can’t be too serious about your appearance. You clicked on my article by choice- no one forced you to read this so if you have a problem with my article, that’s all on you. (:
      ps. can you please tell me how to get plastic surgery to shorten my legs- I’m curious

      • I have long legs and this article is not helping with my body positivity I always got complements on my legs (funny I know) and I still do by like every teacher and friend at school. But now reading this article makes me really insicure about my legs and how skinny they are. But I have learned that God has a plan for my life and to not let the little things like how short or long my legs are get in the way of living life and loving yourself for who you are be nice (long legs are a gift and not alot of people have the gift so think on the bright side (LIKE MODLING)

        MY mom is 5’7 and my dad is 6’6 iam going to be 5’10..


  2. I actually struggle with the opposite. Having to have all your friends point out to you how short your legs are and looking stubby and short in everything you wear isn’t ideal. I would kill for your long legs and I really mean it! I hate looking fat in everything I wear! Long legs are attractive and short legs are ugly.

  3. I have short and stubby legs and reading this made me realise that long legs is not always good or blessed let’s say it’s blursed (blessed+cursed)


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