11 Unbearably Awkward Questions Asked During 50 Shades Q&A

Just like any other celebrity figure, Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James took on the liberty to reach out to her fans in a friendly little Twitter Q&A on Monday. While promoting her new novel that will reflect Christien Grey’s perspective, I’m sure E.L. James was not expecting the chaos that would soon be trending all over the internet. Likely anticipating some questions surrounding her inspiration for the novels, what her next steps are and maybe even some bold curiosities about her family life, there was no way to predict the vicious cyber-hate arena she was thrown into.

I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the things the poor author had to read with her good intentions out to dry. Take a look at a few of the 50 shades of awful that E.L. James was cast in:

Here at Unwritten, we’re strong believers in open-forum writing. Controversy can be awesome, and really gives new perspectives light. Sorry you had to fall consequence to a Q&A gone wrong, but with a book as risky as Fifty Shades, I’m sure E.L. James knew she’d be teased a little eventually. Luckily, not the entire hour was filled with hate-spam and she did manage to sift out some real questions. I’m secretly wishing she took on her fans headstrong and fired some answers right back at the hate, but her lack of reply to the hasty tweets leads me to believe the bestselling author may have taken some of the harsh words to heart. Here’s a reminder of some of the more optimistic questions that E.L. James took the time to answer:

Something you can’t leave your house without? (@dakotaslicorne)

EL James: Sunglasses (and my reading glasses…!) And my iphone… and a note book…. dammit! 🙂

What does the James in E.L. James stand for? (@JoelTheIonious)

EL James: James… 😉 It’s actually a family name. It’s in my grandfather’s, my father’s and my son’s name.

Did you take any props from the red room set? (@knightlightxo)

EL James: I didn’t need to 😉

What’s your favourite line of Christian Grey? (@JustGreysessed)

EL James: “Fuck the paperwork”

What was the a)funniest b)saddest and c)hardest moment to write in Grey? (@lil_caribou)

EL James: a) The emails b) his nightmare c)final red room scene

What’s your favourite novel? (@LovellsQueen)

EL James: Today – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (looking forward to the new one!)

Where did the name Charlie Tango come from?(@mooncakes88)

EL James: It comes from the phonetic alphabet. Charlie is C – for Christian and Tango is T for Trevelyan.

You mentioned you listened to one song over and over again writing Grey. What song did you keep on repeat? (@fsog_greysessed)

EL James: two songs, Sarah by Fleetwood Mac and Hello Like Before by Bill Withers

Have you ever wanted to change anything in Ana and Christian’s story? (@GabrielleFault)

EL James: Yes. I would have liked to split them up for longer at the end of FSoG

All the hate has got to be tough to hear but don’t worry sister, you’re worth a reported $37 million so let the haters hate. Trending on Twitter? Thanks for the free publicity!


Laters, Baby.

Featured image via “EL James – London Book Fair 2019” by ActuaLitté / CC BY-SA 2.0


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