Back To School Blues: Why Going To School In The Winter Is A B*tch

Along with the rest of the Northeast, I have always associated winter with holidays, festivities, and an overwhelming sense of cheer. But the harsh reality hit me as I returned to school from winter break: once the holidays are over, there’s nothing obscuring the fact that the weather is bleak. Not only is the ground covered with a (dangerously thick) layer of ice, but it’s somehow even colder than before. Even quirky sweaters can’t keep you warm in the frosty air, or cushion the blow from painfully slipping on ice, (again).

Getting back to work after winter break can seem pretty hopeless, especially as all the Christmas wreaths freeze over and you lose every ounce of motivation to actually get yourself to class. Walking to campus can feel isolating, and while over break, “Uptown Funk,” made you want to get up dance, hearing it on the radio now just makes you scoff and roll your eyes. Coming back to school means the end of a lovely few weeks with the family, and a bitter goodbye to the warmth of your fireplace, and comfort of your own bed.

While coming back to a hectic schedule at school can seem nothing short of depressing, just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. As I fell back into the regular patterns of college life, I realized that I was not in this alone. In fact, most of my friends were experiencing the same Back-To-School-Depression about winter away from home.

Although the season no longer feels bright, there are many ways to make your winter away from home feel comfortable and to keep warm in this treacherous time of year. From shopping for sweaters to making hot chocolate, the cold weather gives you the opportunity to get cozy indoors.

Now is the time to have that night in, watch a movie, order in (guilt-free), grab a blanket and a friend and don’t feel awkward about staying inside. It can be difficult to make the transition to another home, especially when the days are so short and dark. As a college student, I’m surrounded by people who are going through the same transition, for which I couldn’t be more thankful.

Shout out to the Beatles, who posed the original theory, that “a little help from my friends,” can be exactly what you need this winter to help you get through those last couple months before spring break. Here’s to hoping you make it through till then – with minimal injuries from frostbite and slipping on ice.



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