7 Fashion Trends Guys Love To Hate

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There are certain trends guys just hate, and we simply have no idea why, because to us, they rock. Trends in girl world exceed all expectations. However, we must recognize that fashion and trends are often for girls, just to impress other girls. Here are a few fashion trends that girls and guys just don’t see eye to eye on.

Girls love a good topknot, and why shouldn’t they? They’re trendy AF. I’m kind of sick of this whole “guys like your hair down” nonsense, especially since I am a firm believer in the topknot. The first time my ex-boyfriend saw my hair in a topknot bun, he shrieked, “What is this?” To his disgust, I replied in the only way I knew how, by sporting my hair in that very fashion all too often. Always say yes to the topknot.


Girls love showing off their midriff, but that’s not to say that guys don’t enjoy the view either. It is, however, to say that gentleman do not appreciate the ways in which ladies style said crop tops. To be trendy, girls often pair a crop top with high-waisted pants. Guys become utterly confused at this conundrum. I’m sure they cry to themselves as they stare and question as to why you must cover up your flat abs with weird high-wasted MC Hammer pants. To that, we respond with: it’s trendy, deal with it.

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The boyfriend jean: the jean that does not in fact belong to your boyfriend. While these jeans are oh so comfy, guys would rather see you in skinny jeans that cut off your circulation. They question your fashion sense as they beg you to put on tighter jeans that make you look less homeless. Girls, on the other hand, die for a great pair of slouchy boyfriends.


Studs, lots and lots of studs. Girls can’t get enough of them. We wear studs on our jewelry, studs on our shirts, studs down the seam of our pants, even the heels of our shoes. Honestly, guys are just scared of studs because the studs we wear can double as weapons.


Peplum tops are one of the only true slimming solutions. Peplum tops mask your belly imperfections. What could be better? Well, unfortunately for us, according to the men, anything is better. Apparently peplum is code for maternity wear. Awkward since I was trying to hide my food baby, not accentuate it.


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If there is one thing I simply cannot live without, it is a good oversized sweater. These knitted beauties are so scrumptious, cozy, and just amazing. So why do guys hate something we literally live in throughout the winter months and any other time we can get away with it? Because they show off absolutely nothing of your physique and make you drown. But, like, sorry.  I think I choose a comfy sweater over all else, and my sweaters will always love me back.

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Jeffrey Campbell is perhaps the most prominent name in shoe fashion today. Mr. Campbell, do you mind if I call you Jeffrey? Jeffrey creates literal works of art for our feet. His shoes are creative and fashion-forward, chunky and cool. But for some reason, guys absolutely hate the chunky heel look. Why?–because these shoes appear like blocks on your feet, chunky chunky, unwalkable blocks. Guys, clearly, don’t understand fashion and think very simply. Knowing this, they prefer simple stiletto pumps. Yawn.


Guys will always have something to say about our outfits or appearance, so you might as well give them something to talk about and sport something out of the ordinary or that showcases your unique personality. You can’t please everyone, but you sure as hell can repel the men. All hail being trendy and pissing guys off.


  1. Ugh…Unwritten, I promise there is a way to write about fashion that doesn’t make girls sound daft and like clothing sheeple. Personally, I absolutely hate high-wasted pants and I certainly don’t give a shit if something is “trendy” – I’m going to wear what I like. Wearing something solely because it is trendy is not even remotely a good reason to wear it. And, y’know, usually if you’re going to write a piece about what guys think, it helps to actually talk to a couple of guys and provide quotes about what they actually think. Your boyfriend doesn’t count.

    • This post is saying something very similar to what you are saying – that girls should wear what they want. When she says she is wearing trendy things, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is wearing them solely because they are trendy; perhaps she likes them and they just so happen to be trendy. Believe me, I am NOT a fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, just as you aren’t a fan of high-waisted things, but such a negative response wasn’t really necessary – she never said that she was trying to speak for every woman out there, she was just writing something fun to appeal to an audience who feels similarly. You may not agree, but you don’t have to criticize her work. ashanowitz, I loved this post – keep it up, and, of course, all hail being trendy.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read my piece! As someone who only wishes to share my opinion and wit with the Unwritten team and readers, I’d like to explain the point of this article to me. First, I would just like to say that no boyfriends were contacted in the making of this article. Next, the point of this piece is simply to dabble in the topic of trends that guys do not like, while we girls find them amazing and cool. After doing my research by consulting guy friends of mine, I wrote the piece. Although the blurbs may not be direct quotes, there is value to them as exchanges were made between men and me. (Aside from the ex-boyfriend quote–that one is hard to forget.) This piece is meant to be playful and express the notion of trends while still encouraging girls to wear whatever they chose and whatever is most comfortable to them and their personal style. Being trendy is all about how you style something and confidence, so all hail being trendy.


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