Why I Refuse To Buy Products From Celebrity Cosmetic Lines

In today’s society, which celebrity doesn’t have a skincare or beauty line? It seems like most celebrities are getting involved in the beauty world in some way or another. From Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian, a lot of them are creating beauty products for people to buy. The truth is, there is no shortage of makeup out there. Do we really need celebrity cosmetic lines? Many celebrities make special claims about their beauty products, like  how “natural” or “organic” they are. But who can you really trust? At the end of the day, celebrity cosmetic lines mean nothing to me because there are already so many great beauty products out there.

I have my favorite makeup brands, just like most other people. I love going to the store and looking at makeup and then going home and trying new things. It’s therapeutic for me. The way I see it, these makeup brands that aren’t owned or affiliated with celebrities work really hard to create and promote their products. This is their job. It isn’t fair when a celebrity (or at this point, multiple celebrities) swoop in and take over. People start buying products just because they have  celebrities’ names on them or because a celebrity “made them.” Did they really make those products?

Just because a celebrity looks flawless on TV or in a magazine doesn’t mean that they made the makeup their makeup artist used to create that image. It does not mean that if you try their makeup, you will look as perfect as they do. That isn’t reality. It’s just an image other people created for them. The makeup celebrities use is tailored toward them. It’s not created so everyone can look like those celebrities. Not all makeup works for everyone, and buying expensive beauty products just because they have a person’s name on them could end up losing you money if the products don’t really work.

To be completely honest, I have no intention of ever purchasing makeup from a celebrity cosmetic line. It just does not seem worth it to me. The products are expensive,  and they aren’t all-inclusive. I don’t want to pay all of that money for something I may or may not like. I would rather buy things from cosmetic lines and companies I know to be truly good at what they do. It isn’t right that celebrities come in and take money from companies who manufacture makeup for a living. People who devote their lives to creating makeup deserve for others to buy their products.  I believe in supporting the cosmetic lines who have been making makeup for a while and the ones I know I can trust.

Some of these cosmetic lines include Maybelline, Wet n’ Wild, Too Faced, Smashbox, Tarte, E.L.F., and Milani. All of these brands and more work extremely hard to create products for different types of people. Not every brand works for everyone, but these brands make products that work for many people. They aren’t outrageously expensive. Some brands are high-end, but people like me are still able to purchase products from them. It’s more about loving makeup than about loving a celebrity. It’s about knowing what works for you and wanting to buy that makeup. Celebrity cosmetic lines don’t mean anything to me because I already know that so many brands put hard work into creating makeup and other beauty products. This isn’t a “side job.” for these companies. It’s what these brands are passionate about, and they deserve credit for their hard work.

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