Our 7 Go-To YouTubers For Sex Ed Related Content

The educational system isn’t perfect. In fact, most of us learn about sex and all of its related information through the internet rather than in a classroom. But sometimes, the world wide web can be confusing and hard to navigate through.

YouTube is a huge social media platform nowadays. You’ve heard the saying “There’s an app for that,” and in regards to YouTube, there’s probably a video for whatever it is you’re interested in. This form of education is interesting and showcases media entertainment in a new angle. If you’ve found you understand things better through audio or visuals, then this is a fantastic option for you.

So we put together this list of people and places you can go explore. Here are our 7 go-to’s for sexual education and other related topics!

Our first helpful YouTube creator is Hannah Witton, a quirky young woman from the U.K. who talks openly about anything that comes to mind. From her daily life to drunken advice, to sex and hormones, to simple how-tos, and just about everything in between, Hannah’s channel has it all.

Our second helpful YouTube creator is Lindsay Doe, who’s ready and willing to share more of herself with the internet anywhere she can help. Between her channels and YouTube Red, Lindsay offers her own sexplanations for any curious eyes looking to learn something new.

Our third helpful YouTube Creator is Carlin Ross, who’s partnered up with Betty Dodson who has a Ph. D. in Sexology to bring the world a new level of informational YouTube Experience. Jk, that’s not what the degree was for, but it definitely helps add that level of trust and credibility we all hope for when we want to know more on some of these personal topics.

Our fourth helpful YouTube Creator is Stevie, friendly cat-lover who loves sharing advice on all things sexuality-related. She offers a wide array of videos from How-Tos and Why’s-Tos, Identity/Sexuality videos, and Sex 101.

Our fifth helpful YouTube Channel is by Bria and Chrissy, adorably hilarious singing duo and a lesbian couple who don’t mind answering the hard stuff. They have silly and serious videos on just about anything you can think of.

Our sixth helpful YouTube Creator is Jackson Bird, waffle-lover who answers meaningful questions about identity, social justice, and just able anything you can imagine with waffles; JK about that last part you guys have some weird waffle thoughts after watching some of the videos from this list of creators. But in all seriousness, Jackson covers a lot of important topics that need to be seen more in the media.

Lastly, Arden Rose is a YouTube creator that talks about things like body acceptance, makeup & awesome hauls of a variety of things. Recently she’s taken up sex Q&A, mental health, self-love, and even doing lingerie hauls!

These 7 YouTubers feature content we enjoy for entertainment and for knowledge. They are of all different backgrounds and personalities. I remember years ago searching for a face that could help me understand the person inside me. I am always grateful that I could relate to the YouTubers who explored the topics close to my heart. The variety in these YouTubers allows us to find someone we can connect to and feel comfortable with to learn from. It’s important to have a community of people to turn to, no matter the situation you’re in.

Which YouTuber(s) helped you learn things related to sexual education?

Collab with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured image via Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


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