10 OPI Nail Colors You Need To Try This Summer

Get ready for a world of vibrant, transformative colors at your fingertips! This summer, we’re bringing you the hottest nail colors of 2024. It’s time to elevate your summer style with these vibrant, sun-kissed hues that capture the essence of sunny days and warm, breezy nights. Whether lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or enjoying a night out with friends, our curated selection of nail colors will ensure your nails are on-trend and Instagram-ready.

Our OPI nail colors are not just colors, they are a unique expression of your summer vibes. From bold, bright shades to soft, pastel tones, each color is a tool for you to create a unique statement this season. Let your nails be the canvas for your individuality with our curated selection of colors that are sure to turn heads.

1. I’m Yacht Leaving

When I reach for a color that pops, I always go for something teal! Maybe because it reminds me of the ocean? With this color, you’ll feel as if you’re on an island somewhere, even if you’re just in your backyard! Check out the color here

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2. Makeout-side

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bright colors, and sometimes, we just can’t resist a classic pink. This shade adds a playful touch to your nails and brightens your day, whether at a beach party or a casual brunch. Check out this flirty and cute color here!

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3. Flex on the Beach

When I’m getting my nails done in the summer, I want them to be a showstopper! I want to be so in love with the color that I can’t stop staring at my nails. This shade is one of those colors that will make you feel like a star! Get ready for the compliments because everyone will be asking about this stunning coral beauty! Check it out here

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4. Strawberry Margarita

Not only is this a classic summer drink, but it’s also a classic summer color! It’s one of OPI’s signature colors, and it never lets me down. You might not be able to have a strawberry margarita at work 24/7, but with this color, you can pretend that you are! Check out the color here!

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5. My Chihuahua Bites 

I have loved this color for years! I remember visiting my aunt’s house and having her paint my toes this color. Since then, it’s been one of my favorite colors for a pedi! It’s a reddish coral-pink color, perfect for summer! Check it out here!

via OPI.com

6. Feelin’ Fire

Let’s stray away from our usual pinks and reds and take a look at some orange hues! This color is perfect for feeling tropical or by a campfire on a summer night! Check out the color here!

via OPI.com

7. (Bee)FFR

It’s summer! The sun is shining, and we’re taking in its rays! So, what better way to embrace the sunshine than getting this color on your nails! This is guaranteed to brighten your day and put you in a happy-go-lucky mood! Check it out here

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8. Dream Come Blue

There is something about this shade of blue that has always screamed summer! Whenever I see it, I can picture it as the cutest color for a pedi. Check it out here!

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9. Summer Monday- Fridays

Let’s change it up and add an electric green color! This mani will look perfect as you drop a lime into your drink! Check out the cute color here

via OPI.com

10. Cajun Shrimp 

Did you really think I would talk about OPI colors and not mention this classic color? Well, you were wrong! No matter how far you stray from your go-to colors, you always find your way back to a variation of your fave! For my other red nail girlies, you know that this is the red color for the summer. Try the red nail theory out with this cutie! It’s guaranteed to turn some heads. Have a look at this shade here!

via OPI.com

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer with OPI’s stunning nail colors! Whether you prefer bold, fiery shades or soft, serene hues, this collection offers a versatile range that can be tailored to every style and occasion. Let your nails be the ultimate accessory, reflecting the fun, freedom, and the season’s flair. From classic reds and playful pinks to cool blues, these colors are designed to keep your manicure fresh, trendy, and eye-catching. Dive into the summer spirit and make a splash with OPI’s latest shades, ensuring your nails stay chic and fabulous all season long.

Featured image via Chu Chup Hinh on Pexels



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