How I Honestly Feel About Starting My First Semester At University

As September approaches, I’m reminded I will be starting my first semester of university. I’m incredibly excited because I’m starting a new chapter in life. I can now pursue my dreams and learn in a classroom with like-minded students. 

However, at the same time, I feel anxious. There are days when I question my decision. I ask myself if I’ll enjoy my university program or if I will dislike the school. 

As someone who had a terrible high school experience, navigating post-secondary education has always been difficult. 

During my previous experience with post-secondary studies, I noticed that I would sometimes have flashbacks of an assignment or a course. I would always compare my post-secondary achievements to those from high school and ask myself why I wasn’t performing up to standard. 

Moreover, the stress from high school carried onto my post-secondary studies. 

I didn’t want to relive the same experiences and make the same mistakes. So I became more of a perfectionist during my post-secondary studies. I wanted assignments to be done a particular way. This became very challenging, especially in group projects. 

I also noticed that the stress from high school has affected my motivation. For example, whenever the professor gave me a bad mark on an assignment, I almost gave up on my studies. I didn’t want to put any effort into my assignments because I didn’t want to spend so much time just to earn a bad mark. 

However, I also learned that moving on is important for a college student

To succeed in my program, I need to forget about my past mistakes. Moreover, I need to learn how to move forward and focus on upcoming assignments instead of worrying about the ones I have already submitted. 

Entering a new university means entering a new atmosphere, having a new social support group, and meeting new professors and students. 

I’m studying a new subject I haven’t touched for a couple of years. So, the course material may be a refresher for me. Hence, I’ll find more value in my education and the field I’m studying. 

Moreover, I can’t wait to see what the next three to four years hold for me. I can’t wait to see how I can contribute to the campus, what type of new people I’ll meet, and what internships I’ll gain

After all, your university experience is what you make it. So, when September starts, I aim to see how I can contribute as much as possible to my campus. And I aim to tackle every challenge with an open mind. Regardless of my current situation, I believe that the only solution is to move forward. And in September 2023, I’ll do just that. And you will, too.

Featured image via George Milton on Pexels


  1. Embarking on my first university semester fills me with a blend of excitement and nervousness. It’s a new chapter that holds both opportunities and challenges. I’m eager to learn, grow, and embrace the experience wholeheartedly.


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