The 5 Sexiest Lyrics From Taylor Swift’s “I Can See You”

We all know that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) has some great songs, especially from the Vault. And my favorite, by far, is the sultry “I Can See You.” Like Reputation’s “Dress,” this song explores unadulterated desire with cheeky lyrics and innuendo. Check out some of the steamiest lyrics that will get you all hot and bothered (and dancing around your room to its catchiness!):

1. “What would you do if I went to touch you now?”

The way this and the following lines phrase desire as a suggestive “what-if” question makes a great motif (“What would you do if they never found us out? What would you do if we never made a sound?”). Unfortunately, it’s still rare for women to proposition a man, all thanks to misogyny. Yet these lyrics loudly and clearly say, “I see you, I want you, and I’m not afraid to ask for you.” We love to see it.

2. “I could see you up against the wall with me.” 

While the previous line is more innuendo, this one doesn’t hide the sexual desire. The unashamed way the chorus repeats the “I could see you” frame perfectly embodies sexual fantasies. And best of all, there’s no slut-shaming or internal denial about sexual attraction. (This is also the line that made me realize this song was built differently in the best way possible.)

3. “You won’t believe half the things I see inside my head.” 

We all have thoughts we don’t think others would believe. But when it comes to sex, that’s obviously different. We may feel (women especially) that we shouldn’t openly discuss our desires, even if we want to start a relationship with someone or are in one. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of; we need to be open with our partners about our wants to get and maintain sexual  (and romantic) satisfaction. 

4. “I can see you make me want you even more.”

There’s something special about knowing someone who draws you in more and more when you’re around them. Each time you see them, you want them even more than you did the first time, and you wonder, “How is that possible?” That feeling of solid attraction is an ethereal feeling and very much in line with Speak Now’s love themes. And this wonderfully captures the infatuation of falling in love (or lust) headfirst.

5. “Hide away, and I will start behaving myself.”

These lyrics sum up the essence of this song. They openly embrace the “naughty” nature the narrator exhibits and show how she doesn’t care what others think. There’s no fear of going after what you want. And when the other party reciprocates enthusiastically, it shows you how far you’ll get by pursuing your equally consensual desires.

The proud, sexy nature of “I Can See You” makes it an instant hit from the Vault. Taylor Swift can play with so many genres of music and lyrical tones, and this one is no exception. The next time you’re in the mood to listen to something steamy, either by yourself or with your partner, consider tuning in to this song.

Featured video via Taylor Swift YouTube


  1. “I Can See You” from “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” is pure fire! With cheeky lyrics and catchy beats, it’s as steamy as “Dress” from “Reputation.” Taylor Swift’s ability to convey desire through her music is unmatched. Get ready to dance around your room to this sultry track!


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