The 5 Best Places To Buy Dresses Right Now

Are you searching for the ideal dress to add some pizzazz and glamour to your wardrobe in 2023 but are growing tired of scrolling endlessly through various dress options online?

From formal gowns to charming summer sundresses, there are incredible choices from top-tier brands around the globe available now. To help make your search simpler, we have compiled this list of five acclaimed labels offering beautiful dresses this year.


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Cider (@shopcider) • Instagram photos and videos

Cider offers an exceptional shopping experience, featuring stylish yet high-quality dresses that set them apart from their competition.

When purchasing dresses, fashion should not be your only consideration. According to statistics, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. With these staggering statistics in mind, you might want to take note of how your choices may affect our planet’s future.

One of the primary draws of Cider is its commitment to sustainability. But is Cider clothing legit? The answer is a strong yes. At Cider’s core lies their use of natural and organic materials that not only benefit the environment but also feel amazing against your skin. Whether it’s soft bamboo maxis or minis crafted from recycled polyester, Cider has something suitable for everyone’s preferences.

Cider also places great emphasis on transparency and traceability throughout its supply chain. Working closely with manufacturing partners, Cider strives to ensure every stage of production adheres to fair labor practices and is ethical.

Overall, Cider dresses offer the ideal combination of comfort and style. Thanks to their commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, you can rest easy knowing every purchase you make from them is one step closer toward creating an eco-friendlier future for fashion.


Anthropologie stands out as a top choice among fashion-savvy consumers looking for unique yet trendy fashion. This clothing brand has quickly established itself as a leading name in fashion.

Anthropologie offers an impressive variety of stylish apparel and designs that combine classic with contemporary influences for an eye-catching fashion-forward aesthetic. Their boho-chic dresses are the perfect solution for women who enjoy mixing various styles into their wardrobe and experimenting with various looks.

The fashion brand utilizes only premium fabrics that are both breathable and durable, ensuring that your investment will stand the test of time.


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JessaKae (@jessakae) • Instagram photos and videos

JessaKae has established itself as an indispensable destination for women’s fashion, offering chic and sophisticated styles suitable for every special occasion. Their commitment to quality can be seen throughout each garment crafted from the highest-quality materials.

JessaKae dresses are masterfully crafted and extremely versatile. Ranging from classic styles to statement pieces, there is a dress to meet every taste or style imaginable, whether that be for weddings, cocktail parties, or just everyday life. Rest assured that JessaKae has your needs covered when it comes to outfitting yourself for special events.

ASTR The Label

ASTR The Label dresses should be at the top of your summer 2023 wish list for various compelling reasons. To begin, this Los Angeles fashion label specializes in modern feminine clothing with an edge, making their dresses suitable for many events, from beach trips to weddings and beyond.

But it’s not just about the aesthetic appeal of ASTR The Label dresses. Their pieces are carefully crafted from high-grade materials to ensure that they not only look amazing but are comfortable and long-lasting. From breezy cotton sundresses to structured cocktail dresses, you can be certain you’re investing in clothing that will outlive multiple seasons of use.


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ELOQUII (@eloquii) • Instagram photos and videos

If you’re in the market for a fashionable dress that blends style and versatility, Eloquii is undoubtedly one of the brands you should consider. Eloquii stands out as an industry-leading plus-size fashion label, crafting quality pieces designed specifically to address its wearers’ unique fashion requirements.

Eloquii has quickly established itself in the fashion industry with its high-quality designs, fashionable cuts, and careful consideration of plus-size silhouettes. Eloquii dresses range from formal to casual styles, perfect for nearly every occasion imaginable. The brand also offers inclusive sizing at competitive prices, making it an excellent option for fashion enthusiasts seeking versatile additions to their wardrobes.

Eloquii’s dresses are not only trendy but also comfortable. They use premium-quality fabrics that are breathable and comfortable, ensuring every Eloquii dress is both practical and stylish. The company has a team of dedicated design professionals that continually keeps their finger on the pulse of the fashion world to create designs that reflect current trends in the fashion industry.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for a dress can be tricky, but these brands enable you to do it with ease. From affordable prices to luxurious-quality materials, there are so many options that fit every person’s budget and lifestyle requirements.

Whether you want to stay cool all summer long or make a statement in a luxurious gown, any of these brands can suit your needs. If being mindful of your environmental footprint is something that matters to you, consider selecting sustainable brands that combine eco-friendly materials with stunning designs.

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