5 Hilarious Pranks To Play On Your Cheating Ex

So, you met this guy named Mr. X. You’ve been going out with him for a while. And just before you get serious, he drops the ball and tells you he’s out of this relationship.

“Let’s just be friends,” he reaffirms. 

You feel a pang of guilt and sadness. You want to sit in the corner and bawl your eyes out. However, as time passes, you realize Mr. X. was cheating on you. You thought you were his number one fan until you discovered that he was private messaging and trying to hook up with others

So, if you want to teach any guy like Mr. X. a lesson, here are five pranks: 

1. Tell him about your new boyfriend. 

Go to the drawing board and brainstorm an ideal guy that you want to date. Then, give this perfect guy a name and tell your ex about him: let your ex know that the guy is your current boyfriend. The guy does not have to exist or be a real person. However, whenever you talk to your ex, tell him how much you enjoy the relationship with your new boyfriend and how he always attends to your needs. 

If you still message your ex, text him pretending you are the boyfriend. It will be hilarious to see your ex’s reaction. 

2. If you have your ex on social media, share photos of you and a close guy friend. 

If you have a homie, you can take pictures with him whenever you hang out. Then, you can post these photos on social media. If your ex-boyfriend doesn’t follow you, you can ask a friend to text these photos to him. Or perhaps, text some of the pictures to your ex-boyfriend’s homie, and let him know that you moved on. See how your ex reacts. 

3. Make a social media account, pretend that you are a girl, and try to hook your ex up.

Okay, this does sound tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Basically, make a social media account of a fake girl. Then, tell your ex that you know a girl who may be interested in him if he is single. Introduce him to the ‘girl’ through social media, and create a group chat with the ‘three of you’ so he can message the ‘girl.’ 

In real life, be sure to tell your ex how attractive the girl is and how much she wants him. If he asks for pictures, grab a wig and some cute outfits, and search for good makeup tutorials. Make yourself look like the hottest Instagram influencer possible. Then, take some good selfies and show him the pictures. He will definitely fall for it. Then, he will message the ‘girl’ and tell her how much he likes her. And when he decides to meet up with her, see when you’re available and meet him instead. Oof! 

4. Prank call him saying you are a relationship therapist.

Go on your phone and select the ‘No Caller ID’ button. However, if you want this to be less shady, use an app such as Sideline or Phoner that allows you to call the person with a different number. 

Then, call your ex and say, “Hello, My name is Ms. _____, and I am a relationship therapist who helps people deal with their cheating tendencies. I recently had a session with your ex-girlfriend [your name], and she wants to find out why the cheating happened. Would you like to speak to her?” Make sure you’re speaking professionally. And change your voice pitch. 

If your ex says yes, talk to him as you normally would and tell him that he will need to pay for the session as he was the one who cheated. See how he reacts to it. 

But if he says no, act as the therapist and say, “Alrighty, this just proves your disloyal tendencies. As a result, I will have to charge you $1000 for my service fee. I’ll tell [your name]. Goodbye.” And hang up. 

5. Give him a gift of “cheater” notes. 

For this prank, you’ll need an empty chocolate box with chocolate holders as well. Then, fill the empty spots with rocks — be sure to wrap them with “cheater” notes. Find a way to meet your ex and tell him that you would like to thank him for his time by giving him a gift. 

Then, provide him with the chocolate box. Once he opens it, he won’t see any chocolates but “cheater” notes with rocks instead.

If you want to stir up a little laughter, try one of these five pranks. After all, cheaters cannot be winners and must be taught a lesson. So do whatever you can to teach your ex – or Mr. X – what he needs to learn.

Featured image via Andrew Le on Unsplash



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