Kick Off Summer With This Hot Read: Wild Things

Genre: Adult Fiction | LGBTQ+  | Romance 

Release Date: Expected 25th May 2023

Publisher: Quercus Books

This year, El wants to make a change from the monotony her life has become. As the new year rings in, she promises herself this year she’s going to be wild, she’s going to live. But so far, instead of leaving her soul-crushing job, moving out of her awful flat share, and having crazy adventures, she’s managed a small tattoo, broken up with her boyfriend, had a very unsatisfying threesome, and given herself a huge headache. 

And then of course, there’s the issue that no matter how wild she tries to be, she’s still hopelessly in love with her best friend. Ray is not only the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen, but knows how to live on the wild side.

So when the perfect chance for a new start, for a wild adventure, comes up, she grabs it. She, Ray, and their two friends leave the city behind and move to the countryside to live together in their own personal commune. They plan to start a life together, be closer to nature, and make something beautiful in this run-down manor in the middle of nowhere. 

But now that they’re here, trying to live in perfect harmony, can she ever tell Ray how she feels? Would she love her back, or will it ruin the life they’ve worked so hard to build forever?

“The version of myself that only exists in my head, the one who takes chances, steps out of my room and spends the night running wild.”

Gloriously funny and brimming with heart, Wild Things shows you exactly why they call it a crush. It’s tough enough being crazy for someone and not knowing how they feel, but imagine living with them, meeting their dates, hugging them, and still having to act normal. I almost fell in love with Ray myself a few chapters into this book. 

El and Ray were two sides of the same coin – shy and confident, calculated and impulsive, quiet and loud – but it just worked. Their friends and now co-commune owners, Will and Jamie, complete the group to make an honestly stunning display of friendship and love. It’s supporting, nurturing, caring, but so playful and fun. 

The characters are really the driving force of this story. And it’s clear how they’ve all been shaped by not only each other, but the other people in their lives that have left a part of them along the way. They’re all very different people, with different backgrounds, sexualities, and personalities, but they share their love for each other (and Pret sandwiches!) 

El is a brilliant narrator, always ready with a witty observation or joke just for us. The pace moves quickly and naturally, showing us little moments of real life that fly by before you’ve even realised. We see as El reflects on the past and anxiously over-thinks even now she’s a wild woman, letting us into her thoughts in a personal style that makes it feel like a diary or a conversation with a friend. 

It was like little snapshots, patchwork moments strung together like a memory or a scrapbook, and I absolutely loved it. I absolutely adored the way Kay set the scene throughout – the peaceful village life and the bustling business of the city. (Also, Polo Bar? Wow, that took me back to my own wild nights!) 

The romance in this story is slow, sweet, a little steamy, and heartwarmingly tender. But this isn’t just a love story. In fact, romance is just one part of life El is trying to work out. It’s a story about a woman stuck in her life and trying to find her place, people, and purpose. This is a brilliantly queer, painfully relatable, and joyously uplifting story about love in its countless forms. 


*Originally published at – please note this review is based on a UK advanced reviewers copy.*


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