How To Host A Socially Conscious Party For World Party Day

Have you ever heard the expression that there’s a day for everything? Well, party-goers, April 3 is perhaps your day: it marks P-Day, otherwise known as World Party Day. 

If you’re wondering about the origins, the day wasn’t inspired by a huge worldwide party. It was actually inspired by a novel called “Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel.” And you probably guessed what took place on April 3 in the novel. 

So, P-Day isn’t only about having fun but working toward humanitarian and social change. To celebrate, consult Unwritten’s guide below. 

1. Select a socially-conscious theme 

There are plenty of social issues, but it’s best to focus on those you’re passionate about. After you decide on the primary social issue, you can brand your event. You want to make sure your theme is as broad as possible, especially if you plan to dive into the specifics. This will help you plan for activities. For example, if you plan on addressing adolescent mental health, your theme can be “What is Youth Culture?” 

Some other theme ideas can include: 

  • Climate change 
  • Housing 
  • Gender equality 
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Cultural diversity

2. Begin to create a plan 

For socially-conscious parties, consider the logistics and atmosphere. For example, if your theme is drinking and driving, it might not be the best idea to serve any type of alcohol-infused drinks. Instead, serve soda, fruit punch, berries in iced water, and hot chocolate. 

Consider the scheduling as well. Ask yourself: How will you introduce the event and the social issue? How many people do you expect? And when or how will the party end? After that, you can look into the logistics portion and budget for the expenses accordingly. 

It’s crucial to remember that there are other ways to get together besides loud music and drinking. You can brainstorm some recreational activities, such as games, or have different stations for different groups. 

3. Partner with fellow organizations 

You can research fellow non-profit organizations and see which ones you can collaborate with. You can also donate some proceeds to these non-profit organizations to support their mission. However, before reaching out, research the organization extensively and ensure that their values align with yours. After all, they will represent the theme. 

4. Create promotional materials 

You are now ready to promote your event! Use Canva or Microsoft Publisher to create some brochures for potential attendees. Describe what your event is about and begin cold-calling. Ensure that you have access to communication between you and the attendees. 

5. Find a way to RSVP 

Tell the attendees that they will have to reserve a spot. Make sure to be transparent about the cancellation rules, as last-minute cancellations can be costly. 

6. Order the materials

You can research different catering companies if you plan to have catered food. Tell them your plan on the party day, and be sure to find someone to pick up the food once it arrives. 

If you need furniture, you can snoop around for store or garage sales and consult the return policy. You can also order other props, such as plushies, pillows, or blankets. Your party has to have some life after all.

7. And on the day of… 

When it’s time for the big day, make sure you have ordered enough food and beverages for all attendees. Keep in touch with the catering and other companies you may be working with. 

Then, you can hire a friend to help you set up for the event. Make sure you have your furniture placed in order and that everything is presented neatly to create a lasting impression. 

When the party begins, remember to roll with the punches. It’s okay if not everything is on schedule. But be sure to address the theme that you’re focusing on. You can do this by providing resources on the social issue with brochures and presentations. 

8. After the party 

Now that your event has ended, it is time to clean up and thank your vendors. Follow up with your attendees with a personalized “thank you” note, and reach out to the organizations to show your gratitude for their time and consideration. You can also send surveys for feedback. 

You are now ready to host your first socially-conscious party for World Party Day! Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big event, you can be sure to have fun while advocating for change in society. After all, we need more good samaritans nowadays.

Featured image via Mikhail Nilov on Pexels


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