9 Spring 2023 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Closet

We all need a trendy outfit or two in our closet for various occasions. After all, we must revamp our wardrobe as the snow is almost gone, the dark days are turning into days full of light and joy, and the weather is getting warmer. For your next party or date, make sure to wear an outfit that matches one of the trends below. 

Here are nine trends we can expect in the upcoming spring: 

1. Feather Trims

Yes, friend: the 80s are making a comeback. If you’re a fan of flowers, go for these feather trims. Why? These feather trims are almost like petals on a bud. They look the best on dresses and jackets, so choose wisely. 

2. Bright Yellow Colors 

We all need a burst of happiness in our gloomy world. So, bring some sunshine to the office by wearing a monochromatic yellow outfit. The brighter the hue, the better! Style with a yellow purse and walk out with a big smile. 

3. Bow Trims

We all love to wear bows on our heads or bow ties on our necks. But what if we add a bow trim to our dresses or shirts? Won’t that look sophisticated? Take your professionalism to the next level by opting for one of these outfits with bow trims. They’re truly adorable. 

4. Dark Dresses

The 90s are back. And this trend is definitely a great flashback for whoever had a goth phase. Apparently, black will dominate 2023. We all know that an LBD is essential in every closet.  

5. Blue Outfits

If you prefer the color blue, spring 2023 is your time to stay cool. Tranquil blues is one of the trending colors of 2023. After all, who doesn’t love the color of the sky and the ocean for their everyday outfit? Plus, it calms you down. 

6. Pink Outfits

Unleash your inner Barbie girl with these pink, pastel hues. They’re not only perfect for that cute, flirty dress you wear for your soon-to-be partner, but they’re also great for the business world. Imagine hopping in that room with a pastel pink suit and those 6-inch pastel pink heels. Now you’ve got those heads turned towards you. 

7. Let’s Go Disco

Remember the 70s when everyone wore those fancy sparkly suits? Now, we can go back to the dance floor and wear something similar. Metallic colors are trending right now, so you can add as much silver to your outfit as you want. Feel free to walk to work this way as well. 

8. Vacay Time

Ready for summer or spring vacation? If so, show your enthusiasm by wearing clothes with holiday prints. Palm trees, beaches, ombre sunsets – you name it, they’re the hype. And they’re not only on our swimsuits anymore. 

9. Bling Bling

Top your outfit with some accessories. In 2023, edgy accessories are making a comeback, whether those are chokers, chains, or long, dangly necklaces. Wear one of these with pride as you strut down the office runway. 

And there you go! These are the nine trends that we’ll most likely see throughout the spring of 2023. They’re definitely all very fun and indicate a rebirth after the great pandemic and lockdown. Oh well, it’s definitely time to party.

Photo by Robert McGowan on Unsplash


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