The Next Generation Needs Us To Be Better NOW

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has just been in a downward spiral of mess? It has been said for years that people can’t watch the news because it brings them too much anger and sadness. I don’t know if I’m just paying closer attention as I get older or something else, but I feel like we are constantly hearing tales of violence, discrimination, war, poverty, and so much more. In an environment like this, it’s hard to hold on to hope, especially for the younger generation.

However, we must. There is a future generation being raised right now who, if we don’t act fast, will inherit all of these problems. They deserve better — we deserve better. 

So, what steps can we take to be better? 

First and foremost, bring awareness. 

There is a lot of education in awareness. If you hold a particular subject near to your heart, such as substance abuse, educate yourself about it. Find a community service that serves people struggling with these matters. Can’t find one? Start one! Write to the politicians, both on a local and a national level, and fight for the changes you think need to come.

Second, have a conversation. 

Just finding a support network that has the same beliefs as you (and can maybe educate you further) can give you a support system to carry you further. Action is the only way change will come about. We can discuss things all we want, but only action can start the movement. There are social change movement groups everywhere. For starters, try the app Meetup, which gathers people of similar interests and philanthropic efforts. 

Be the positivity they need. 

In a world that is often so dark, be the sunshine for the young ones. Volunteer at an orphanage, write cards for terminally ill children, and clean up a local park or playground. These small acts of service can be an example for these children that there is still faith in humanity. 

Watch your connections. 

Cut ties with those in your life whose values and beliefs do not align with yours. When trying to make a positive impact, you need people who will steer you in the right direction, and you definitely don’t need those who try and convince you otherwise. Explaining how important certain causes are to you can help weed out those who may not be supportive. 

Embrace change. 

It’s crucial to understand that stances on these issues can waiver as communities, political parties, and news outlets change their output. So being in the know can be incredibly helpful in deciding what work needs to be done next. If you see a positive impact a social change in a different state has made, reach out to someone and see if there are steps you can take in your own community to elicit the same kinds of changes. 

There are limitless resources out there for educating yourself on specific issues. As mentioned above, if there is one cause particularly near and dear to your heart, a quick Google search can help you find more resources and potential community connections to get involved with. 

What cause is near and dear to your heart that can impact today’s generation? Let us know below!

Featured image via Duy Pham on Unsplash


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