What’s My 2023 Resolution? No Diets, Just Wellness

We all have experienced diet culture and the societal pressures about what our bodies should look like. We are constantly surrounded by images of models and publications about the newest health trends, workout routines, fitness equipment, and so much more. Below are a few reasons why I’m ditching dieting in 2023 and focusing more on overall wellness instead.

1. Diets automatically feel restrictive.

When we diet, whether it’s intentional or not, we automatically start placing certain foods in categories, such as “good,” “bad,” “healthy,” or “unhealthy.” We create margins of the things we can and cannot have and define days when we are allowed to have carbs, fat, sugars, and other nutrients. With this much restriction, it is natural to feel trapped. So when we do allow ourselves access to our “restricted” items, it is natural to assume we will be more likely to overindulge. 

I saw a TikTok once from a registered dietician who said that putting these negative labels on certain foods ties into something behavioral. This makes us think that eating these foods means we have failed our diet and need to exercise more to cancel it out. Not only can these concepts be harmful to your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. So don’t put any foods off limits but rather practice moderation when you indulge in some of your favorites.

2. When you start a “diet,”, it’s only a matter of time until a “new and improved” method is brought up. 

America, society, and the media are constantly bombarding us with messages about how we should look, what we should eat, and the latest trends we should be following. We shop around all of the different methods until we find the one we feel suits our lifestyle best. But before we know it, next week we read up on a different method that seems even more of a right fit. This constant spiral is exhausting. It’s also been said by many health professionals that the one thing that proves successful when it comes to diet, exercise, and wellness is consistency. It would be better for us to stick to one plan, see the benefits it brings, and do a reassessment only when we feel the timing is right.

3. This is for you and only you!

When you embark on a wellness journey of any kind, the sole reason you should be doing so is for yourself. Don’t do it to earn the praise of others, fit the mold society has created, or because you think you have to. Do it if you’re looking to improve your health, find wellness in other areas of your life, or just because you know how it’ll positively impact you. No two people are built the same so it makes perfect sense that not everyone can follow the same plan. So, find a plan that feels right to you, and don’t just jump on the trendy bandwagon.

4. Only you know what you do and don’t like.

When you’re reading through recipes, you know what you enjoy eating and what you don’t. It would only make sense to follow a plan that allows you to enjoy the foods you’re eating without feeling forced or punished. Even if you don’t follow a concrete plan, focusing more on the things you enjoy that have health benefits and supplementing with the additional “not as healthy” options can help to create some balance. 

Any time you go through a shift in life, as mentioned above, make sure you are doing it only for yourself. Don’t get hung up on societal norms or the last interaction you had with someone who may have made an off-putting remark. At the end of the day, you and only you need to be happy with yourself and the choices you make for your body. You got this!

Do you have any health tips and tricks that you use to feel like wellness is your priority versus societal norms? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Wasa Crispbread on Unsplash


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