What A Devastating Day To Be A Woman In America


Today I learned that as an American female, there are many reasons to currently hate the people running my country. I realized that men in office who will never have my anatomy or capacity to ever carry a child, decided they could dictate if I wanted to or not. That I am no longer guaranteed a safe space to safely miscarry or abort if it came down to that. Today I realized that guns have more rights in my country than my status as a female and that they’re more concerned with an unborn child than the children we send off to school who are being shot by lunatics. 

Point blank, a dead female has more rights to her own autonomy than myself.

1973 Roe v Wade was a court case that went to the Supreme Court and was what allowed for women to get safe abortions. They were given the right to their own bodies (the fact that we even had to fight for that is another story) and allowed to seek out physicians and places depending upon the situation and trimester to ensure they did not die in the process.

Here are my issues with this law now being tossed to the side:

  • For one, if a woman miscarries, and we all know that our bodies can just decide to do a “spontaneous abolition” internally, we’re now told that we still have to carry the baby. That certain states will not allow you to get the abortion that’s required to expel the non living fetus. Mentally, emotionally, financially and physically that’s wrong on every level. As a health care worker my new concern would then be the woman becoming septic and dying… but the old men in the supreme court clearly don’t think like that.
  • If a woman miscarries, there is now the likelihood that they will be arrested because there is this imagainable probable cause that it wasn’t spontaneous. That they planned the miscarried. Read that again. The woman Planned to miscarry a baby… so instead of getting the medical care they need, they’ll be arrested and charged for murder… Because clearly we plan ectopic pregnancies that are non viable and require emergency surgery.
  • If a female is raped, and if its an incest case or not, they do not have the right in some states to abort. So again, if these Supreme Court’s granddaughters or daughters got raped… and ended up pregnant, you’re telling me you’re going to tell your thirteen year old grand daughter, “I know it sucks. But you’ll have to keep the baby. I voted for you. Without your consent.”

Not every woman in this country has the means to drive hundreds or thousands of miles to a state where they can get the medical treatment necessary. There are only so many states at this point in time that are allowing safe abortions. So what happens when all 50 states and US territories say no? We’re going to end up having a new black market on our hands and instead of organs being removed, it’ll be a non living tiny human.

So what do we do about this? We seek out our local representatives and get in touch with those who stand for Planned Parenthood and other organizations. Remove religion and any other personal vendetta you may have on this topic. The reality is that women are controlled by men in every way possible in America. And as of today, we have no voice, right, or say to our autonomy, and if that doesn’t scare you… then you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

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  1. Hate to tell you toot sweet but the fundamental principle of THINKING BEFORE ACTING has ALWAYS been what people have done. In truth ever since the “free love” generation of test your stupidity has MURDERED MORE PEOPLE than ALL of the genocides and wars this world has experienced. Respect is one aspect of a person’s life both for yourself and for others. For women that goes even DEEPER since they are the nucleus of the foundation for life since after the creation of man and woman.
    Trying to “justify” one’s actions by claiming “it’s my body” ends when your CHOICES BEFORE CONCEPTION. Once a LIFE HAS BEEN CONCEIVED within the womb of a woman that is NO LONGER PART OF YOUR BODY. That is a NEW BODY WITHIN YOU AND WITH A SOUL TO GO WITH IT. And you may not think I have any claim to make such a statement since I am a man but I am a PERSON who was on both sides of this issue from the date of my conception in my mother’s womb in 1965.
    You see you had to be 21 or have permission from your parents in Michigan to have an abortion and my mother was neither one of these at the time of my conception. For 6 months my mother tried to find a way around the issue and it was only by a very close friend of hers who told her that the doctor she found would leave her bleeding and dying on that table and that she should carry me to full term. It was Grace that was given to me that day. Then 22 years later same situation with my girlfriend here in Arizona. But instead of having to look for a doctor all I had to do was give her the money for it. I MURDERED my Emily Rose and NOTHING in this world can ever give her back to me and my ex-wife. Every day goes by I REGRET having taken her life without even giving her a chance like I had been given. So I think I have EVERY RIGHT to say what IS AND IS NOT MURDER and when LIFE STARTS.
    So BEFORE YOU decide to have sex do some THINKING BEFORE HAND and stop trying to use the excuse of alcohol having influenced your decision because WE ALL KNOW THAT YOU DECIDED JUST HOW MUCH YOU WERE GOING TO DRINK AND WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO DO afterwards. Be RESPECTFUL RATHER THAN AN IGNORANT BRAT and use your brain for more than cushion for the inside of your cranium.
    In Love, Be Blessed. Shalom


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