4 Tips To Achieve Your Reading Goals This Year

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Reading is not only fun but also good for you. Reading more can be an easy goal to meet, whether you’re reading for fun or making your way through a must-read list for school or work. It’s even a wonderful way to practice self-care. To start reading more, turn it into a motivating challenge with your friends or a game against yourself. Either way, it’ll be a win-win situation for you. Here are four tips that can help you get started:

1. Read what you actually want to read.

This one is tricky if you are working on a goal for work or school or getting through the books you already own, but it’s doable. I have to say, though, you will be more motivated to read the next book on your list if you start with something you really want to read. That being said, you can totally trick yourself into wanting to read something that you have to. Whether that involves rewards, someone’s word of a surprise ending, or the exciting book you get to read next, it’s a great way to make this fun.

2. Use skimming to your advantage.

Growing up, I’ve had a lot of test prep suggestions and classes. A huge tip I received from all of these sessions was this: skim. First, skim ahead to get a feel for the writing style and voice of the narrator or main character and the overall tone of the section you’re working with. From there, you can prepare mentally for what and how you will be reading. This is different from speed reading, but if there’s a long, daunting paragraph, don’t be afraid to skim it over before diving in or deeming it unnecessary. 

3. Try to break it up.

Keep in mind that it’s okay to break up the text you’re reading. You’re not reading a whole book in one sitting, but if you are, take breaks. Breaking it up will help you process what you’ve been reading. Not to mention, you could always use a snack and water break to refuel for the next batch of chapters.

4. Avoid distractions such as going online.

Whether your phone is by your side or away somewhere safe, make sure it’s quiet around you. Turn on do-not-disturb or silent mode to avoid distractions and optimize your alone time. By allowing yourself this peaceful time in silence (or with a low level of music on), you are fully focusing on the story you’re trying to read. Other than a little background noise, keep the Wi-Fi use at a minimum. Enjoy it while it lasts!

If you’re trying to meet a reading goal or gain more knowledge, now you have the tools you’ll need. Reading on its own is fun and exciting. It comes with so many new ways to learn and helps grow your mind. Hopefully, these four tips can help you enjoy your reading journey.

(BONUS: Playing audiobooks in the background while you’re doing something busy like laundry can help you finish a book faster without too much hassle!) 

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