5 Natural Remedies For Winter Back Pain

Many people experience more back pain in the winter from a decrease in movement. Sedentary lifestyles reduce muscle tone and strength in one’s back, increasing stiffness. Without adequate muscle definition, you may have trouble protecting your spine from injuries.

The cold also lowers the oxygen levels released from hemoglobin, decreasing the ease of muscle contractions. Adverse muscle effects can cause knots and strains in your back, resulting in pain. Luckily, there are a few natural ways you can reduce back pain in the winter. Here are five of them!

1. Practice Yoga Regularly

Yoga can effectively treat and prevent back pain. Stretching regularly can loosen tight back muscles, improving your mobility and reducing pain. You may increase the effectiveness of your practice by avoiding injuries on your mat.

For example, you can prevent intervertebral compression by twisting and extending your body at different times. You may also practice a seated forward bend instead of standing and reaching downward. Various poses help you elongate your spine and build back strength.

Bridge pose helps you access the benefits of a backbend without straining your neck or over-stretching your spine. Child’s pose is another low-impact pose with positive spinal benefits. The position is safe for most individuals, and it slightly elongates the spine and stretches the hips to improve mobility.

2. Avoid Prolonged Static Postures

You can also reduce winter back pain by improving your posture. Many employees currently work from home, limiting their access to supportive chairs and workstations. You can increase the effectiveness and comfort of your setup to improve your posture.

If you work on a laptop, you can stack it up using books to reduce hunching in your shoulders. You can also sit close to your desk to elongate your spine instead of leaning forward. Keeping your feet flat on the floor additionally promotes good posture by preventing side slouching.

3. Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Improving your sleep patterns also decreases back pain, helping your muscles and spine recover after a long day. You can enhance your rest at night by opening a window. Decreasing humidity levels and carbon dioxide accumulation can help you reach and maintain deep levels of sleep.

4. Relax in a Hot Tub or Bath

You can additionally improve back pain in the winter using heat as a natural remedy. Hot tubs and warm baths can lower one’s stress levels, preventing tension in their back muscles. Hot baths also promote blood flow through the muscles and joints, helping them heal quickly after injuries.

Relaxing in warm water also promotes weight loss. Overweight individuals are at a higher risk of developing back problems from putting excess strain on their bodies. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy body mass index can effectively improve back pain.

5. Build Your Back Muscles

If you experience regular back pain, you may benefit from increasing your back strength. You can build your back muscles by lifting weights, doing pushups, practicing vinyasa yoga, and engaging in palates. It’s important to practice safety measures when exercising with back pain.

Before lifting weights or engaging in high-intensity workouts, partake in a few minutes of warm-up time to loosen your muscles. You should also wear appropriate clothing to support your body, like proper sneakers and back support belts. Over time, safely building your back muscles can prevent injuries and pain.

Get Up and Get Moving

The best way to prevent or reduce back pain is by moving. Wanting to sit inside during the winter is natural. It’s important to challenge that urge. Whether you are practicing gentle yoga or lifting weights, limiting a stationary lifestyle can significantly reduce pain.

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