7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Dealing With Burnout


Burnout isn’t and never will be a failure. Let’s be transparent, this feeling of burnout has been common since the arrival of COVID. Nonetheless, the elements of spiritual fatigue, or burnout as the mainstream refers to it, have been in the limelight.

Are you dealing with burnout?

Are you suffering from exhaustion and even feeling overwhelmed? Let’s be honest, pressure happens to everyone. Burnout is unavoidable at junctures. There are numerous schemes to remove the stresses that occur with being under pressure. Considering one of these schemes isn’t enough, we must actively participate in order to relieve the pressure. 

Here are seven ways you can tackle burnout.

1. Associate with society.

Being with friends and even family allows us to feel sufficient. Spending moments with actual humans elevates our spirit, even if it’s individuals we don’t understand. Try local places. It can put a smile on your face to be with people who give you love and support.  

2. Take regular pauses.

Say with us, “it’s okay to take needed pauses.” Let’s start by avoiding spending hours on end with technology and applications like our laptops and Instagram. Try to take six to 10 breaks a day. 

Digest and consider rehydrating, exercising, participating in a brief phone call or facetime conversation with a friend, or taking a walk around the neighborhood. 

3. Refresh with daylight and fresh air.

This is necessary, particularly in the summer or spring. Spending time outdoors splits up the tedium and reconnects us to ourselves. Consider taking a hike or any other kind of outdoor exercise. 

4. Eat with love and need.

Be sure to consume veggies and fruits adequately. Most importantly, eat natural foods and bypass processed and packaged meals. Enjoy a snack. It’s good to look for healthy options, but also make it an enjoyable moment.  

5. Ponder.

Rehearse reflecting every day for at least 10-20 minutes. Our senses are constituted for consideration. They are deliberately bringing a pause from our growing ideas and remedying the pressure they put on us.

6. Move around.

Your body needs movement not just physically, but also emotionally. We all have a certain amount of energy, and not getting that out can make us go crazy. Training, even a little bit, is necessary daily. It removes negativity and helps us enjoy the moment. It keeps your heart and lungs moving and the remainder of your body subsisting.

7. Get enough sleep.

There’s no secret that our entire bodies are rejuvenated with a good night’s sleep or a nap. Practice a calming routine before bed to guarantee a comfy ending to the day and a good start to the next day. 

Overall, feeling burnt out stresses everyone out, especially while dealing with a pandemic. You can imagine how the youths are handling being burnt out, but it applies to everyone. This includes me as a student and an individual who has a disorder, but I digress. I hope my experiences and ideas help at least one person during these trying times and beyond. 

Feature Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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