5 Self-Care Items To Add To Your Christmas List


The holiday season is in full throttle! With what little time left before the holiday, there’s no better time to go hunting for the perfect self-care items than now. Self-care has been a new craze this year, and it seems like everyone has self-care essentials on their wish list. No matter if you’re new to self-care or a seasoned self-care guru, there are options for everyone. Overall your top priority should be ensuring that these self-care products are effective and of good quality. 

If you’re scrambling for ideas or don’t know where to start, consider putting one or a few of these items on your list. 

1. Facial Rollers and Gua Sha Tools 

Both facial rollers and gua sha tools are used in facial massage methods and promote many healthy benefits, including lymphatic drainage. These tools originated from traditional Chinese medicine and help make your skin glow. Gua sha tools are best for relieving facial and jaw tension and lifting the skin. On the other hand, facial rollers are most effective for reducing puffiness and soothing the skin. In the end, both these tools paired together will get you the best results. An added bonus is they come in beautiful stone colors like rose quartz and jade! 

2. Journal 

One of the most popular forms of self-care is journaling. Practicing daily journaling can promote self-confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you to track your progress on certain goals. Who doesn’t want to get all these benefits going into the new year? 

Journaling is personal and can be a reflection of your day, a habit tracker, or a place to write affirmations and express your gratitude. There are so many different kinds of journals for you to choose from and put on your holiday wishlist. Whether you would like a bullet journal, one with lined pages, one with writing prompts, or an anti-anxiety journal the options are endless for you to ask for! 

3. Skincare Products

If one of your goals in the new year is to nail down the perfect skincare routine, then putting skincare products on your Christmas list is a must. Depending on your skincare goals, different products might be on your list. For example, if you’re experiencing dry skin, a good quality moisturizer should be most wanted and at the top of your list. If you’re experiencing dark circles, wrinkles, or uneven skin texture, looking for an anti-aging face cream will be your best choice. 

One of the best and healthiest skincare practices is using products that help keep your skin youthful and healthy. Make sure you are asking for products that will target your skin issues and work effectively. Doing your skincare research ahead of time will save you the struggle of trial and error! 

4. Yoga Mat

One of the best self-care practices is taking time to exercise. So, consider putting a yoga mat on your Christmas list this year! Yoga is one of the easiest ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine. It also allows you to take time to reflect, focus, and breathe. 

If you’re new to yoga you might not have all the necessary accessories. Beginning with a yoga mat will get you a comfortable place to start. Taking time every day to practice yoga will most likely increase your energy levels, flexibility, and strength. Yoga is a great example of self-care; there’s no better version of self-love than investing in yourself and taking care of your body. 

5. Scalp Massager 

If you’re feeling tension in your scalp lately, it might be time to get a scalp massager and add it to your Christmas wishlist. Scalp massage can release the tension on top of the head, behind the ears, and the neck. Not only do scalp massages release tension, but they also help to get rid of product build-up, dead skin cells, and any dirt that your fingers might have missed when washing your hair. Your hair growth rate might also increase when you incorporate a scalp massage into your routine. Your hair will be healthy and strong after using a massager for a couple of months, and if that’s your goal, add the scalp massager to your list! 

Make sure to get your Christmas wishlist squared away before it’s too late. Remember adding self-care items to your list it’s selfish. Self-care is an investment in yourself and you deserve the best products this holiday season!

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels


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