Pizza, Possums & Police: 4 Stories From Working At A Beach Resort

Recently, I wrote about the crazy encounters I had when working at an oceanside resort. I’ve seen people who were intoxicated beyond all hope and other comical situations. 

While those stories were wild, and you can read them here, there’s more where that came from so here’s another round (pun intended) for you.

1. Do you accept gift cards?

During a busy summer weekend, there was a woman who extended her stay multiple times. Her two-night stay became almost eight nights. 

Upon closing out her bill, the card on file declined. Unfortunately, this was not the first time we had seen this. Usually it meant the people were trying to use a fraudulent payment method. 

We followed protocol and over-rode the guest’s entry method. Therefore, they would have no choice but to come to the front desk to request a new entry code. This would allow us to secure payment and essentially ask the guest to leave. 

When the woman came to get her new code, the manager on duty told her he would need sufficient payment before he could give her a code. “If you don’t give me a code, I will go poop in the pool.” He continued to ask for payment. She handed him a Starbucks gift card and asked if that would work. Holding back laughter, he declined. She then tried several other cards, all of which declined. 

A cohort called the police from the back office. Being a smaller island, they were quick to arrive. Upon talking it was made clear that this guest did not have a way to pay and needed to be removed. As cops cuffed her she looked at the manager and said “How could you do this to me?” 

2. Delivery or Drunk?

During an overnight shift, a co-worker received a complaint about someone screaming outside. He and resort security patrolled to find out what was going on. 

It took a while to locate him but when they did, they found a man screaming at an empty parked car with the Domino’s delivery light on the roof. He was yelling for pizza and continually asked the car why they didn’t bring him his food. The man was escorted off premises, pizzaless. 

3. Pole Dancing, Ambulance Riding

Scene: A weekend workshop designed to help women get in touch with their inner wild spirit through pole-dancing lessons, a horse whispering workshop, and a private dinner where participants would eat with their hands while naked. (Yes, you read all of that correctly.) 

Scenario: A woman participating in a pole-dance lesson sustained a head injury when she knocked her head into a wall beam. I, manager on duty, was called over. When we saw the blood pouring from her head, we decided the best protocol would be to call EMS. 

The woman was dressed scantily and as EMS arrived, she debated if she wanted to go to the hospital. These women, being very spiritual, left her decision into fate’s hands. After what seemed like way too long to deliberate and look for a spiritual sign, the woman decided to go, but responded to the EMT that he would need to give her a chance to get dressed into something not as revealing. That probably was one of his most interesting calls.

4. Possum Slinging

Towards the end of a second shift, we received several calls about a rat on the boardwalk. Surprised by this as we had never heard of rats around here before, the engineers on duty and I went to investigate. We discovered a dead possum in the middle of the boardwalk. 

The boardwalk was closed on all sides and the best way to remove it without dragging it through crowds of guests was to sling it over the side into the brush and then go around and remove it that way. Imagine it being dark outside and an engineer using a broom to sling a dead possum into the brush so his cohort could retrieve and remove it properly. It was wild. 

Though my job at the resort drew to a close, the crazy stories are endless. Stay tuned for more stories coming in the near future!

Do you have a crazy hotel story? Share it in the comments below!

Featured image by Taryn Elliott from Pexels



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