The Ultimate Recap: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 4 Brought The Chaos

Monday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise delivered some super juicy drama! In case you didn’t watch, Chris and Chasen A.K.A “Smoke Bros” showed up and immediately made the boys squirm with nervousness. “We’re two smoke bros looking for some smokeshows!” they stated about ten or twenty times. 

Perhaps, just calling a girl a “smokeshow” is enough to classify as a red flag. 

Regardless, these two partners in crime waltzed into paradise knowing exactly what they wanted. Chris took Jessenia aside while Chasen spoke with Deandra. Both seemed to get along with the girls. Soon after, the boys asked Jessenia and Deandra to join them on a double date where they did an interesting spiritual meditation class and blew on each other’s bodies. I must admit it was a little odd, and I’m still wondering what the point of that was. However, Jessenia didn’t seem to mind and both the girls admitted to feeling very comfortable with their dates.  

Meanwhile, Karl looked like he was going to poke his eyes out. He did not agree with Deandra’s decision to go on the date given the fact that he gave her a rose. I hate to say it, but Karl, I don’t think she’s that into you. 

As for Ivan, I feel his pain. The poor man is anxious, and rightfully so! Jessenia made it known from the beginning that she wanted to meet Chris. In fact, she even said that while Ivan’s great, there’s something missing that she can’t quite put her finger on. Still, I’m team Ivan. 

There seems to be trouble for some other couples as well. Mari and Kenny aren’t doing too well in paradise anymore. While Mari expressed that she wasn’t necessarily interested in Chasen or Chris, it made her think that if a new boy did ask her on a date, she’d want to keep her options open. Mari told Kenny that she’d still want to explore their relationship, but also go on a date if asked. She doesn’t want regrets, but Kenny doesn’t take the news too well.

It feels like almost moments later, Demi once again swoops in and takes the somewhat newly single man. Within minutes, the two are making out, and who could be watching in the distance? Mari, who is now in tears, shocked by Kenny’s actions. I’ll admit, Kenny moved on fast, and so I can understand Mari’s side. However, it did appear like she wanted to keep her options open, so if Kenny wants to makeout with Demi, shouldn’t he be able to? 

But back to Ivan: People urge him to make new connections, but he still has feelings for Jessenia. Later that night, they have a conversation. Jessenia claims there’s a spark missing with Ivan, even though he “checks the boxes.”

I wanted these two to work out so badly! I thought they had a great connection, which came as a surprise to find out Jessenia thought the opposite. “What’s more important, the spark or the boxes?” Ivan asks her in conversation. Jessenia tells Ivan that you cannot force a spark. She then wearily explains how she feels that “spark” with Chris. I just hope Ivan finds someone, because he deserves love. 

The next day in paradise, Connor comes down in his matching shirt and shorts, ready to talk with Maurissa, who’s well – not into him anymore. While she hasn’t exactly disclosed this to Connor yet, she did express how her and Riley had a connection. Later that day, Tahjaun tells Connor that the two went to the “Boom Boom Room,” and poor Connor looked totally hurt, and caught off guard. 

Now, to switch to a more positive note, Serena and Joe had a romantic date, and I have to say these two are my favourite couple. 

 I find that both have a genuine connection, and talk about their pasts openy. Serena asked what Joe would do if his ex Kendall walked into paradise. I can understand her nervousness, Joe was engaged to Kendall. Reassuringly, he said that there’s no feelings, and he’s all in with Serena. But, we all know how the B.I.P works, and in a preview Kendall is shown to be entering paradise. This won’t be too good, and regardless of Joe’s reassurance, I fear he’ll still be confused once he sees Kendall. 

On to couple Natasha and Brendan, they both shared a sensual massage that led to their first kiss. Natasha had been awaiting to share some intimacy with Brendan, and so that could have secured any current doubts. However, I can’t tell if this couple has chemistry. Something seems to be missing. 

As the night goes on, things only get crazier. Karl gets Deandra a bracelet, which is a nice thought but I really don’t think she’s that into him. Only moments after sharing his gift with her, Deandra is pulled aside from Chasen, and Karl is hurt but still confident in their dwindling connection. 

Throughout the night, the contestants all share some juicy conversations by the fire pit. But, that’s put to a halt once Demi comes down with a decadent looking chocolate cake for Kenny’s belated birthday. Mari is pissed at this grand gesture, and literally throws the cake in the fire! I was in shock, my jaw dropped. 

Also quick side note, I cannot believe they gave this title to Demi, I’m cackling!

But anyways, Demi and Kenny shared some more kisses, and Mari was fuming with anger. I can’t tell who’s in the wrong. It looks like Mari regrets her decision, but is it too late? Has too much negativity been put into her and Kenny’s relationship? He seems content with Demi, but is it simply lust? It’s unfair of Mari to expect Kenny to be loyal after, saying she wants to go on other dates. 

The episode wraps up with Thomas and Aaron in a brawl over Tammy, who kissed Thomas, Aarons “enemy.” 

Ultimately, this episode was absolutely insane! I don’t know what to expect Tuesday, and whether Ivan will stay or go, if Tammy will stick with Aaron, and of course how will Joe react to Kendalls arrival. All hell has broken loose in paradise, and I’m loving it!  

Here’s a meme to summarize the night: 

Photo by ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise


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