The Movie ‘The Extraordinary Ordinary’ Portrays Mental Health In A Beautiful Way


Available on Amazon Prime, free with ads, comes a movie called The Extraordinary Ordinary. This movie from director Natalie Rodriguez beautifully depicts the relationships between three young adults who are all struggling. The plot follows them as they find connection in their conflicts. Topics covered in this movie vary from sexual assault, bereavement and codependency.

Throughout its scenes we see the many ways people can cope with trauma they have experienced.

The first character we meet is Erica. She is a young, beautiful woman whose traumatic high school experience now impacts her years later. She decides to reclaim her life and move away from home to attend college. When she gets there, she battles a strained relationship with her mom and other issues as she reclaims her independence. However, she finds relief in a friendship with adopted siblings, Alex and Bianca. Throughout the film, we can see how Erica’s trauma impacts how she interacts with others in various social situations. Seeing this representation can help viewers who have experienced something traumatic find comfort in knowing everyone copes differently and in their own time. 

Bianca is the first person Erica befriends. Bianca, too, has experienced trauma and copes with it by making jokes and being more of an extrovert. She and Erica work on a school project together and we can later on see how this can be therapeutic for both of the women. The friendship these two young ladies form is one that is truly beautiful and representative of a friendship many of us have had. There are highs, lows, various social situations and conflict. This again can serve as a comfort to viewers knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

Bianca’s adopted brother Alex works with Erica and soon we see a romantic interest ensue. Their budding relationship leads to Erica’s mom becoming more protective and even questioning Alex of his intentions. As time passes, the two begin to trust one another more and share their stories and traumas. Alex explains how his losses have impacted his outlook now and how he approaches relationships with others. This becomes a beautiful symbol of how once we trust someone, we are able to open up more and find solace in their friendship. 

The Extraordinary Ordinary is a movie that can truly help show those who have experienced any sort of trauma that they are not alone.

It shows various methods of coping, both healthy and unhealthy and can provide comfort for viewers to know that there is no specific process for grieving and healing. The movie regularly talks about therapy and highlights its benefits and the rapport one can develop with their therapist. With such a wide span of topics covered, this movie truly has something for everyone and is a must watch for all.

Feature Image via Amazon Prime Video screengrab


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