Mood Booster: 10 Songs That Will Instantly Amp Up Your Confidence


Some days, we need an extra boost to get us through the day, and music is the perfect way to lift our spirits. Here’s a playlist full of tunes that will help you kick those moments of doubt and amp up your confidence. Check out these 10 songs that will kick your self-confidence up a notch:

CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST by Tyler, The Creator

Yes, the whole album – we couldn’t pick one song. Every song on this album slaps. Tyler revealed that Westside Gunn and DJ Drama, who screams on every track, helped bring him back to his style of rapping. 

THOT SH*T by Megan Thee Stallion 

The Hot Girl Coach is back in one of the hottest summer songs, and she gives listeners a new track to bounce to on their knees. Megan raps about dancing, takes a jab at frenemies, and reminds us that her piggy bank outweighs most. This song makes you want to get up and shake what your momma gave you!

Venus Fly Trap by MARINA

Marina is back! This new single from her latest album, Ancient Dreams in A Modern Land, reminds listeners to be themselves. Don’t be a wallflower; stand out like a venus fly trap!

Eenie Meenie by Yung Baby Tate

New artist Yung Baby Tate released Eenie Meenie to a snippet track that she originally posted on her social media. A play on the old childhood game, Tate uses this play on the childhood game to choose who will be her next boo. But she doesn’t just fantasize about potential mates – she promotes safe sex and full disclosure. As listeners sing along and dance to the song, Yung Baby Tate drops some tips for summer loving.

Need To Know by Doja Cat

Following her hit with SZA, Kiss Me More Doja releases a new single from her new sophomore album, Planet Her. The sound of “Need To Know” travels through your body sways it side-to-side as Doja sings and raps about her fantasies with a man. 

I Like Dat by T-Pain & Kehlani

T-Pain remixes his own sample of Buy U A Drank to create the collaboration that we didn’t know we needed. On I Like Dat, he brings back his iconic autotune vocals and adds Kehlani to the mix. In the past, he bought a woman a drink, but now she makes more than enough to buy the bar!

Walk by Saucy Santana

Although this song dropped last fall, TikTok fans are keeping it alive! Saucy Santana boasts about his pricey lifestyle, good sex, and relentless efforts. The song will definitely make you “walk like it is!”

Yonaguni by Bad Bunny 

The world’s hottest boricua artist is at it again! Bad Bunny sings away his pain from losing a woman he can no longer hold.

Love Again by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s track off her album, Future Nostalgia will pump you up! As the title proclaims, she finds herself in love again, and you’ll fall in love with this song too!

Beating Down Yo Block by Monaleo

Monaleo may have found success overnight through a viral tweet, but she has raw talent. Her new song, Beating Down Yo Block, has some serious lyrics about man-snatching mixed in with funny punchlines about exes. This is a summer hit with a booming bass – perfect for blasting in the car! 

These songs will instantly lift your spirits with their perfect balance of sweet melodies and spicy lyrics. Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

Featured Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash.


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