3 Makeup Products You Shouldn’t Use After Getting Lash Extensions

The good news is that your new lash extensions make you look stunning. There’s some bad news, though: Almost half of your eye-makeup collection must go. It’s true that lash extensions could last you six weeks or more, but if you wear makeup unsuitable for lash extensions, it can make your lashes fall out or get damaged. It could also drastically lessen the life of your eyelash extensions

Here’s what you must keep in mind about the makeup products that can harm your lash extensions.

Pencil eyeliner

One bizarre side effect of having long false eyelashes is that they could get tangled. Dragging a slimy pencil along your lash line can worsen this issue and cause your lashes to fall out faster. We also know the consequences of using gel, charcoal paste, and cream eyeliners. They can for sure leave a sticky residue on the lash extensions, making their removal a nightmare. 

Liquid eyeliner

It’s clear now that budge-proof and smudge-proof eye makeup is bad for your extensions. This includes liquid liners and any water-resistant products too. Liquid eyeliners seem gentle, but removing them requires rubbing, which decreases the lash extensions’ life.

Makeup remover

To ensure you can have gorgeous lash extensions for as long as possible, keep them clean. Oil-based makeup removers are the best option to remove stubborn makeup, but they dissolve the adhesive that bonds the lash extensions to your natural eyelashes. Hence, it’s best to steer clear of oil-based products for the time you have your extensions on. You also shouldn’t use alcohol-based products — they don’t mix well with the lash extension glue. Instead, you can use micellar water or some non-oil-based gentle cleansers every day and wash your eyes every night.

Should you wear mascara with lash extensions?

Wearing mascara with lash extensions affects their quality and adds extra pressure on your natural lashes. When you wear extensions, you should refrain from touching them as well since it can make them fall out. In addition, removing mascara involves rubbing and pulling that causes shedding of your natural eyelashes and, in turn, damages the extensions. Often, those who use mascara on their extensions end up with fewer lashes. Staying away from mascara, though, protects both your natural lashes as well as extensions.

Anything relating to your eyes should be safe and clean — it’s the most important part. Trends look great but not at the cost of your safety or health. Make sure to wash your hands every time before touching your eyes or washing your face. Not to mention, when you’re unwell or have been experiencing eye issues such as allergies or infections, don’t do anything with your eyes. If you happen to notice a negative reaction, discontinue using the products instantly. Consult a certified ophthalmologist or dermatologist for timely help.

Featured image via Alexandra Rupar on Unsplash



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