5 Things To Know If You’re Still A Picky Eater In Your 20s

So you admit it. You’re a picky eater. I am too! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s something that’s never going to fully go away. 

I’ve grown up not liking some popular foods, but I’m still trucking on with my chicken nuggets and french fries! 

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned five tips and tricks to keep yourself an honest picky eater.

1. Try, try, try again!

Try something once, no matter how bad it looks, and then never touch it again. I get enormous amounts of grief from my friends and wife about not trying different foods, especially if they look unappealing to me. 

Of course, you’ll get the occasional, “Well if you don’t like it, that’s because you haven’t had mine yet!” To that person, all of us picky eaters just smile and offer a pity laugh because we all know we’ll never try it and that person is simply deluding themselves. 

2. Have a playdate! 

You’ve been there: you’re invited to a dinner at someone’s house, they have the roast out with some veggies and rolls. Here’s the problem. You’re scarred by your aunt’s nasty roast from when you were younger and veggies are something that’s been on your “Do Not Eat” list since your parents stopped giving you dessert for trying just a mouthful. 

Here’s the best thing to do: Immediately grab what you will eat, this being the rolls (because honestly, who is picky about rolls?) then get a small slice of roast and maybe a scoop of veggies. Why grab what you won’t eat? 

You do not want to offend your host by refusing what they’ve so graciously cooked, but this also goes into step 2 of our plan, which I’m sure you aren’t a stranger to: playing with the food! 

You ever see how actors/actresses in TV shows are at dinner but you don’t ever see them actually eat their food? They just play with it! Never noticed it before? Chances are your host won’t either! Then when you leave for the night, make a quick run through your nearest fast food restaurant. 

3. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)

I’ve had family members come to cookouts at my house bringing their own drinks, food, and even salad. So if someone invites you over to dinner, you can bring your food! 

When they question why you would do such a thing, give an answer that alludes to a diet or allergy. That way they won’t question anything (besides maybe how long you’ve been on the diet or what allergy you have). Way to make your host feel like a chump! 

4. When in doubt, go the chicken and fry route.

I created this saying after I began dating my wife. Her family went out a lot and most of the time the places they went to didn’t have much I liked except for one thing: chicken fingers and French fries. 

She mocked me all the time until I took her to restaurants I liked that served food she wasn’t a huge fan of. 

Sure you might feel like a better, more grown-up person by trying new things at restaurants, but your stomach and your mood will thank you later. 

So, whenever you are invited to a restaurant that you’ve never been to before, always prepare to get the chicken and fries unless some miracle occurs and you find something that you like better! 

5. Stock for the winter.

Check your shame at the door and stock your pantry and fridge with anything you want. 

Sure, your folks or friends might comment that you don’t have any of the “good stuff,” but the real good stuff is whatever you’ll eat! It’s your house after all. Want hot dogs every night? Go for it! Eat like the royalty you really are.

Stay proud and unashamed, you picky eaters! I’ll see you at Chick-Fil-A sometime soon grabbing me some chicken nuggies and frenchy fries!

Featured image by Tim Samuel from Pexels


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