Gains For Days: 4 Benefits Weightlifting Has For Women

Weightlifting can help you build a healthy body, dense bones, and flexible joints. However, many women falsely believe weightlifting isn’t safe for them. This isn’t true at all, though! In fact, lifting weights is not only safe for women, but it also offers these 4 amazing benefits:

1. Weightlifting helps women improve body functionality.

Studies show that regular workouts with weights improve a woman’s overall wellbeing, strength, and endurance. Lifting weights can help women improve their muscle tone, motor skills, and general mobility. Furthermore, weightlifting helps women optimize their cardiovascular and respiratory systems while also preventing heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis.

2. Lifting weights helps women reduce the risk of injury.

Weightlifters use special exercises to develop their strength. Lifting weights doesn’t just increase your muscle tone, though. Lifting weights also helps fortify your bones, ligaments, and tendons too! This helps women lower their risk of injury when completing other physical activities.

3. Weightlifting helps women maintain muscle mass as they age.

Due to hormonal differences between men and women, many women can perform weightlifting exercises without excessive muscle gains that make them look too “manly.” However, lifting weights still fortifies a woman’s muscles and helps her avoid age-related muscle loss. This can help women remain agile and independent in their later years.

4. Lifting weights can help with pregnancy and childbirth.

Despite what you may have heard, there is no way that lifting weights will make you barren. In fact, weightlifting workouts have nothing to do with the ability to get pregnant, and they don’t impact your menstrual cycle whatsoever. 

Experts say physically active women usually have easy-going pregnancies and give birth to healthy children. Furthermore, lifting weights specifically helps women build their core and back muscles, which can help women out during pregnancy and delivery.

Many women hit the gym to help them maintain their figure or as a way to cope with stress. However, weightlifting can actually provide many benefits for women that most people don’t even realize. If you’re ready to tackle weightlifting and need more suggestions and advice, visit

Featured Photo by John Arano on Unsplash.


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