Is It Okay To Give In To Your Food Cravings?

Food. It’s delicious and constantly part of our lives. We eat to live and fuel our bodies, but we should also enjoy it. I’m a health and wellness coach, so I always preach the importance of food and what it can do for us. I also preach the importance of balance when it comes to different foods. That also includes food cravings and how to deal with them. Here are four things you should remember when it comes to food cravings:

1. Food is fuel.

Food should make us feel good. We should use it to gain more energy and build strong bodies. We should never look at it in a negative light. When you switch your mindset and look at food as fuel, it’s a game-changer. Instead of seeing food as an enemy, we should see it as something we enjoy and love to eat.

2. Balance is key.

We should never feel ashamed for eating what we love. As long as you practice moderation, you aren’t doing yourself any harm. You should feed your body products from all food groups, not just chicken and veggies all the time. If you want the cookie, eat the cookie — just don’t consume the whole box!

3. There is no such thing as “bad food.”

Every time I hear someone say, “You shouldn’t eat that, it’s bad for you,” I cringe. There is no such thing as bad food. You should consume all types of food: They wouldn’t have been made if you shouldn’t eat them. As long as we are eating in moderation, we shouldn’t feel guilty. 

4. Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Many people think carbs are the enemy. They aren’t. Our bodies need carbs for energy, so there should be no shame in enjoying your favorite pasta dish! There’s nothing scary about carbs, and they need to be a part of our diets. 

Whether you give in to your food cravings often or not, I am here to tell you that it’s okay to fold and give in every once in a while. When you deprive yourself of the foods you love, you’re more likely to binge heavily on those foods later. The food game is all about balance, and if you want to enjoy the foods you love, you don’t need a permission slip to do so! 

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash


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