Cardi B Takes Her WAP And Files For Divorce From Offset


In case you missed the news yesterday afternoon, music superstar couple Cardi B and Offset officially decided to call it quits. According to several sources, Cardi filed for divorce in Georgia, where she resides. She not only asked for a “complete dissolution of the marriage,” but she also wants primary custody of their daughter, Kulture, as well as a sizable amount in child support.

Although Cardi B and Offset made sure their nuptials remained a secret back in 2017, this isn’t the first time that this power couple has aired their dirty laundry in the public eye. The couple previously split in 2018 when Offset cheated, then made headlines again earlier this year when Offset displayed signs of repeat infidelity.

Cardi claims the couple is currently living in a “bona fide state of separation” and she sees “no prospects for reconciliation.”

Here’s my question: If Offset hasn’t been living with Cardi for a while, who is giving her that WAP she keeps singing about?

It turns out I’m not the only one attaching this separation to Cardi’s latest hit, either. Twitter showed me tons of great content this morning:

All jokes aside, I think the question most of us want answered is “Why now, Cardi? Why not two years ago?”

During the first round of cheating in 2018, Cardi shared with the media that she’s “no angel.” She willingly forgave Offset after he begged for her back on stage. So what changed this time?

It could be that the rumors of Offset having another baby mama with a bun in the oven are true. It could also be that Cardi B finally grew her own set of balls and decided she wanted something more than what Offset was giving her. I guess only time will tell as the couple will appear in court on November 4.

Feature Image via Wikimedia Chrisallmeid


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