5 Racially-Diverse Beauty Brands You Should Buy From

As a result of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, many of us are starting to support local businesses. During a time filled with changes that strive towards social inclusivity, consumers – like us, are demanding brands to become more racially and ethnically diverse. With so many beauty companies specializing in different niches, it may be difficult to choose a brand that resonates with your values and morals. However, we have curated a list of five beauty brands you may want to consider. The masterminds behind these brands put their best effort to showcase the concept of beauty and diversity.

1)      Mother Earth Essentials

This brand was founded by Carrie Armstrong. The company places a value of using all-natural ingredients within their products. The story started when Armstrong, a woman of Cree descent, was inspired to share her knowledge of Indigenous culture through spiritual properties and healing medicine. After studying botanical recipes and preparation techniques, she found herself launching a brand with a variety of essential oils, body wash, and hair care!

2)      Indigenous Cosmetic

With the beauty industry pouring and releasing so many products every season, Indigenous Cosmetics is the brand that disagrees with the process of producing quantity stands. Its refined formulas match every skin tone. The brand was created by business owners of Sicangu Lakota/Chippewa Cree descent. Twenty years of cosmetics management experience is sure proven handy with achieving the perfect formulation. For those who are dying to try a bold lip shade, scroll on Indigenous Cosmetics’ website for a variety of inspirations.

3)      Atelier Sirah


Atelier Sirah is a Black-owned beauty brand specializing in vegan skincare and cosmetics. It is based out of Montreal. Body and lip products are the main focuses of the indie company as of right now. For lip products, a variety of shades such are included. Meanwhile, the body collection is filled with intricately formulated face serums, body butter, and scrubs. Consumers who want the best of both worlds in beauty and skincare should seek out Atelier Sirah’s products!

4)      Makeup by Sparkle


The decade-old makeup brand is now taking on new ventures. We can thank its paraben-free and hypoallergenic formulations. Sparkle Chanel, a celebrity makeup artist, and esthetician started the brand to help women feel bold and confident in their decisions. Nowadays, Makeup by Sparkle contains a plethora of lip products ranging from gloss to lacquers. There are a variety of fun shades to express your excitement and amusement when playing around with makeup.

5)      5YINA


This Asian-owned skincare brand carries greatly formulated face masks, hand creams, and cleansers. It was founded by Chinese Medicine Practitioners Angela Chau Gray and Dr. Ervina Wu. 5YINA focuses on the holistic process of health and wellness. Along with unique formulations and carefully chosen ingredients, the packaging is also durable and sustainable to the environment. All products are paraben and cruelty-free, which is a bonus for skincare.

Be sure to check out these small, indie makeup brands on social media. Also, view the websites to pick out a product you need. These brands hold sustainability and social responsibility as the core values of the company. All of the product formulations are diverse with some focusing more on traditional cultural medicine. Others emphasizing vegan and paraben-free ingredients. Although there are many makeup brands for us to choose, it’s good to see the differences in logistics between large beauty companies owned by L’Oreal and small businesses with few managers.

Featured Photo by Pixabay on Nappy.co


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