4 Steps To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

If you’re like me, your mornings wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice without a cup or two (or three) of coffee. However, for a drink so simple – beans and water — it can be surprisingly difficult to make the perfect cup.

Don’t fret: Lately, I’ve been doing some experiments on how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Here are a few simple tips to up your coffee game.

1. Use filtered water.

I started from humble beginnings, making my coffee with whatever water happened to come out of the tap. I had heard that making it with filtered water was ideal, but I thought it wouldn’t really make much of a difference. So I ignored the pros’ advice initially. But once I started making coffee with filtered water, I noticed that it simply tasted better. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it tasted more… pure. You’ll have to try it for yourself — it really pays off with minimal effort!

2. Customize the ratios.

Previously, I thought I didn’t like coffee that much and would typically only drink one cup. I thought I had to follow the instructions on the bag of grounds to a T. I don’t know what I was thinking but that was what turned me away from coffee — I was making it way too strong for my preferences! Now that I use less than what is instructed, I find myself enjoying it much more. So experiment for yourself with brewing methods, the coarseness and amount of grounds, and everything in between.

3. Remove the pot from the heat as soon as it’s done.

This creates a small but noticeable difference in the freshness of the coffee you brew. It may take a bit longer if you’re planning to drink more than one cup — in fact, I use a single-cup coffee maker and make one cup at a time — but the taste of the coffee is so much better when it’s fresh. Leaving it on the heat can burn the beans, giving it that “you can tell this is kinda old” flavor. If you have time for this, it’s totally worth it!

4. Clean your machine as often as you can.

I know it’s easier said than done. We’re all busy people and cleaning our coffee maker usually isn’t our first priority. But it really does impact the quality if you keep it clean. Leaving old grounds in the machine causes them to get re-roasted and that impacts the flavor of the cup. It just doesn’t taste right.

So here are four little steps that can elevate your daily cup to something you truly look forward to each day! These tips are compatible for all types of coffee makers. Personally, I use a simple drip maker, so you truly don’t need any fancy equipment.

What’s your favorite coffee hack? Tell us in the comments!

Photo by Alberto Bogo on Unsplash


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