How Nashville Is Showing Kindness And Strength Amid Tornado Tragedy

As most people enjoyed a restful slumber, a deadly tornado ripped through Nashville, Tennessee early Tuesday morning. The deadly storm left a path of destruction for miles. In fact, current estimates say that over 140 buildings and homes were destroyed and that over 20 people lost their lives. Hundreds are still injured- some of which are life threatening.

Now, nearly every news source imaginable is covering the devastation of this natural disaster. National headlines are sharing all about Nashville’s weather woes and footage of flattened homes and destroyed businesses.

However, most of them are leaving out one key detail: We are Nashville strong.

Since moving to the outskirts of Nashville back in 1998, I have witnessed numerous tragedies strike the city. From the “Downtown Tornado” of 1998 to the 2010 Nashville Flood, this city has taken a serious beating. 

Some people say the city is cursed, and maybe that’s true. However, no matter what storms occur, the people of Nashville know what it means to rally together for a cause… and this latest storm is no exception.

Despite the devastation across the city after this week’s tornado, the citizens of Nashville are once again coming together to help each other out.

Numerous restaurants are continuing to offer free food and water to those who need a meal. All of the local pro sports teams are providing multiple types of assistance. Also, local artists and vendors are selling items to raise funds for relief efforts. Heck, even Airbnb is renting out housing in Nashville for free to people who lost everything in the storm.

It doesn’t end there, though. Dozens of country music stars who call Nashville home are sharing heartfelt posts. Of course, these posts remind us what an incredible city Nashville is.

In a time when our world often feels divided and in constant conflict, “my people,” the people of Nashville, are reminding us what it really means to love your neighbor and offer a helping hand to those in need. They are the definition of southern hospitality.

If we learn nothing else from this horrible tragedy, I hope that we can all walk away with this beautiful reminder that kindness counts and that you have the power to help brighten someone’s day with every breath you take.

Feature Image via Pexels


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