5 Compliments You’ll Only Hear From The Right Person

Have you ever heard the right words from the wrong person? Recently, I took some time to reflect on what went wrong in my past relationships and the red flags I ignored. As I took a trip down memory lane, I noticed something in particular that always led me to the wrong person: their compliments.

Every time they mentioned how pretty I was, it made me believe that I was the only one they saw this way. Likewise, each compliment regarding my smile or laugh led me to think they were fully interested in me. What’s more, the number of times they said I completed them made me trust that they would never leave.

I’ve been in a healthy relationship for the past four years. We have great communication; in fact, we’re a little too honest with each other sometimes. However, we always try to lift each other up. My boyfriend does compliment me on my outer appearance, but he also appreciates my inner beauty. He has never said that I complete him or that I’m his everything, but he’s told me that I’m his daily inspiration.

The right person may admire your outer beauty and say romantic things to make you swoon — just like the wrong one. But since they’ve taken the time to get to know you better, you can always count on their words to be sincere and true.

Here are five compliments you’ll only hear from the right person.

1. You are beautiful inside and out.

It takes someone who’s seen you at your worst to say and mean this compliment wholeheartedly. It also hints at the start of their unconditional love for you, as they’re now able to see your beauty past your physical appearance. This compliment honors what you’ve survived, the lessons you learned, and how you’ve applied them to your life along the way. It’s proof that no matter how flawed you may be, there is someone that sees how much you’ve overcome.

2. You are the strongest person I know.  

The right one will be inspired by all your accomplishments and everything that you’ve coped with. They will want to hear your stories of heartbreak, disappointment, and near defeat. The right person will admire every mountain you’ve climbed, every hill you’ve hiked, and every river you’ve crossed. This compliment will show you how much they respect you. It will also tell you how much they honor the life you led before they entered it.

3. I’m your biggest fan.

 The right one will always support your wildest dreams, as they know they’re only as successful as their equal. So whether you’re struggling to hit a breakthrough in your career or giving it all you have to achieve something, the right person knows how to be supportive. This compliment reassures you they understand your drive to succeed and how much they love you for it.

4. You have made me a better person.  

This is probably one of the best compliments. The right person will be influenced by you. They will pay attention to your character, morals, and beliefs. In addition, they will be impressed by your kindness to strangers, consideration for those who need it most, and how much you truly love the people closest to you. This compliment honors your existence. It also recognizes the grace in your spirit and the magic in your soul.

5. You are worth it.

 The right person will not have to think twice if you’re worth the long drive, staying up late to talk on the phone with, or keeping in contact every day. This compliment shows you that actions do speak louder than words. It will also reveal how committed your partner is to you and how naturally it comes to them. It also shows their level of interest and how far they would go just to keep you.

Compliments from the right person are more than just a mention of your looks. They’re also more than saying a poetic cliché. The one for you takes their time to get to know you. And with that time, they slowly develop what they admire most about you, which results in sincere compliments. Whether they love the way you love your family or how inspired they are by your ambition, it is only them who can appreciate you for who you are and mean it with their entire heart.

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