5 Stores That Have Affordable Yet Stylish Work Clothes For Women

Trying to find clothing stores that offer work clothes for a millennial woman is a challenge. With popular stores dwindling by the day, our options are running out. As a result, I’m becoming very frustrated. It’s hard enough to find stores that have clothes that aren’t “too old” or “too young” for our generation — we can’t even find ones that offer casual wear, let alone business attire! 

But fear not, there are options. Here are the best and most affordable stores that sell women’s clothes you can actually wear to work. 


Dynamite is a heaven-sent store that actually provides the best all-around designs for millennial women. Not only do they cater to the working woman, but they even offer great day-to-night pieces that give you all-day flexibility. They can be a tad pricey at times, for the quality of their clothing, but their sales make up for it. Plus, their pieces are always on-trend and most last a long time. Make sure to download the app or subscribe to emails to stay up to date about sales. 



While this store is only available in the USA, you can snag some amazing finds for super cheap when you go. They’re known for carrying some great brands that are reasonably priced. They also have a lot of items you can dress up or dress down if you need to, so you have a lot of creative freedom in how to make it work appropriate for you. If only they had this store in Canada! 

Old Navy


I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that a mom store? Not anymore, folks. Old Navy provides the perfect in-between pieces that are appropriate for any occasion, depending on how you accessorize. They have pixie pants for the summer, black skinny jeans that look like dress pants, simple dresses that just need some jewelry added, and plain or patterned tops and cardigans that will go with anything. They have sales almost every weekend during which you can get great deals on items under $10. Plus, their clearance always has some hidden gems. 

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is an often overlooked store because of its reputation. Similar to Dynamite, they may be a bit on the pricier side, but much like their sister brand Old Navy, they too have frequent sales. It’s a great place to find one or two really nice pieces that are worth the splurge for special occasions (such as a professional business meeting outfit). Otherwise, you can just graze their sale sections to find the best deals.


H&M can seem pricey on the surface, but don’t be fooled. When you actually indulge yourself in the store, you really get to see how many hidden gems they have. I’ve seen some elaborate dresses for as cheap as $20. You can’t beat that for the quality of clothing you get. Outfits typically last through a few years of wear and tear, too. If anything, I donate the clothes because I’ve had them for so long and need something new. 

Shopping for work clothes can be simple, as long as you can find a few staple pieces. I recommend a really good pair of pants that will last you for a while. I like to go for a few printed (and maybe some plain) tops and pair them with either a blazer or cardigan. For accessories, who doesn’t love a good scarf or a lot of layered necklaces? Finally, for shoes, you can switch it up between ankle booties and tall boots in the fall and winter, and flats and heels in the spring and summer. With these essentials, you’ll have a fabulous and versatile wardrobe.

The best part about fashion is making it what you want it to be! There are some great options out there that won’t break your budget. Nothing is more satisfying than finding a great article of clothing and getting it for a great price. So next time you go to the mall, really do some investigating and see what you can find. There’s no harm in looking… Well not always. But you know what I mean.

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