You Can Now Recreate Your Favorite TV Living Rooms With Ikea Furniture

As if we couldn’t love IKEA any more than we already do, the popular furniture store just gave us another reason. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in certain TV shows’ homes, get your credit card ready.

Last week, they revealed their new “Real Life” advertising campaign where they teamed up with ad agency Publicis Spain. Together they recreated some of TV’s most iconic and recognizable living rooms by creating their own furniture and home decor items available for purchase.

The shows they chose to recreate were Friends, The Simpsons, and Stranger Things.

Apparently, these took months to create as the attention to detail was very important and time-consuming.

According to Eduardo Marques, CCO of Publicis, selecting which living rooms to recreate was the most difficult task. “We had a list of 60, so deciding on these three was quite a hard decision to make. The curious thing [we discovered] is that, actually, you can really find anything at IKEA to use. So the hard work was to select from all these options we had.”

While the official IKEA website doesn’t specifically say which shows the rooms are based on, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out. Plus, the design of the furniture and home decor don’t exactly replicate the ones from the shows, therefore you can match it your own way. IKEA sold many of these items years prior to this project. They basically selected all items from their catalogues based on how well they replicated the pieces in the original living rooms.

Don’t believe how similar they look? Here are some before and after shots of the rooms.

You can invite people over to chill in Rooms For Mates based on Friends

Now you can watch TV in Rooms for Families based on The Simpsons

And if you’re up for the creepy, look no further than Rooms for Everyone based on Stranger Things

Impressive, I know.

In order to create your own version of a TV set, you can buy all products online through IKEA’s website. The links above will direct you to pages where you can view all products available for sale. They’re also linked together under each room for your convenience.

But before you start entering your credit card information online, please note that these products are only offered in some parts of the world! Shipping fees may not be included depending on your area and quantity of items.

Happy shopping!

Feature image via IKEA



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