The 8 Most Popular Bathing Suit Styles For Summer 2019

Now that the sadness of viewing everyone’s vacation posts from this winter has ended, it’s time for the pool, BBQ, and beach pics to invade our timelines. Regardless, bathing suits and beautiful scenery are everywhere. But at least now we’re starting to see the new bathing suit trends that we may want to invest in to keep us cool for the summer too.


As if you couldn’t tell based on the regular fashion choices for spring, neon will be just as hot for summer. But the good thing about neon colors is that they will definitely make you look even more tanned!When you have a tan, you automatically feel slimmer and better about being in a bathing suit so it’s a win-win. After all, if you can’t tone it, tan it!


Not only can you find the cut-out trends all over the racks in women’s clothing stores, but you can also find them on bathing suit tops as well. Sometimes, they’re just designs while on others, they are actually how you tie your top. Still, it’s always adorable to wear regardless.

Animal Print

No, this Jersey Shore’s and Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ fashion staple (from their earlier years) isn’t just a throwback Thursday memory. Animal printed bathing suits are all the rage and are allowing all women to bring out their inner party animals in different designs.

High-Waisted Bottoms

Just like last year, high-waisted bottoms are a huge trend you can expect to see on beaches and news feeds all summer. While they look great on every body type, they’re also super comfortable to wear as well.

Tie Dye

The 70s are making a comeback with tie dye inspired prints all over the racks for bathing suits! You can find so many cool color combinations that accent the other perfectly and unique patterns as well so that you can stand out from the others.


Last summer might have been the year for thong type one-pieces, but this year it’s all about a classic one piece. Whether they’re one color or in a fancy print, you’ll be seeing a lot of Baywatch-type babes everywhere.

Underwire Tops

Remember how we always complained that some bathing suit tops never supported the girls enough? Well now, this isn’t the case as more tops are becoming more like our bras by having a supportive underwire.


Metallic bathing suits are totally in the season mainly because Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner popularized this trend when they wore matching bikinis on a winter vacation. But you know what? They aren’t horrible looking either and they even manage to add a little extra shine on a bright day.

The good thing about these styles is that they don’t have to cost you much at all! You can get great and affordable bathing suits at places like Ardenes or Walmart that won’t break your budget. So when you want to soak up the sun or go for a dip, be sure to stay on trend with these stylish bathing suits. You won’t regret it!

Featured image via Unsplash


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