WTF Is Up With The Thong Bathing Suit Trend?

Let’s be honest… Bathing suits are not an easy thing to buy. The good ones are pricey, and it’s also hard to find them that are your exact size. Plus, the trends are just getting overwhelming to deal with because there have been so many in years past. We’ve had cheeky bottoms, strappy, high waisted, neon colours, strange necklines, and funky patterns here and there. Recently, though, there’s a trend that has literally taken over all over logical options for all body types and I’m beyond frustrated.

Throughout my search of the perfect bathing suit, a one-piece in particular, I noticed one specifically alarming thing (aside from the fact they are all unflattering or too expensive), they mainly come in thong bottoms.

This trend is even worse than the cheeky bottom trend.

The only one-piece’s that actually came with a full bottom were ones that were seemingly meant for an older crowd than a millennial. I’m a curvy woman, and, as happy as I am to be blessed with a curvaceous backside, it’s a curse when you can’t find anything that will fit over it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be confident enough to wear something trendy and show off my asset to the world. But realistically, I’m way too conservative and shy. I go swimming in front of family, so do I really want my dad, brother, or uncles to see my entire ass? No, I don’t. I don’t even want my friends seeing it.

Plus, in my opinion, wearing a bathing suit with a thong bottom would only bring more unwanted attention by random strangers. People will gawk, potentially take stalker photos to show to their friends, or even make a comment too loud. I don’t want to deal with any of that nonsense.

And it looks like I’m not alone with my feelings either.

Whatever happened to a nice, full bottom on your suit that doesn’t ride up your bum and showcase every dimple, pucker, and bit of cellulite?

Another big problem with this particular style is that it only caters to a small minority but is made for the majority. It only looks good on petite women who either don’t have much of a butt or have a perky enough bum that it stays in place more. Anyone who is a bit bigger will have that thing riding so far up their bums and would constantly be slyly trying to pick their massive wedgie.

The lack of options are disappointing and discouraging.

I don’t want to look like a grandma at the beach or pool in a one piece, but I don’t want to have my entire bottom on display (or my belly either).

I’m not bashing those who wear them, because you can wear whatever you want. I’m just frustrated by the lack of diversity in styles and lack of inclusiveness. I would love to go to the beach feeling comfortable and confident with all my bits of flab securely protected by a piece of fabric! What do you think? Comment below!

Featured image Zoran Zonde Stojanovski on Unsplash


  1. Go buy yourself a bathing suit at a thrift store. Douse it in enough Lysol to kill a human being. Wash. Problem solved.

  2. its just a bathing suit, get over it and grow up already. do like it simply don’t look, humans can be so digusting these days. just my two cents.

    • You’re right, humans can be so disgusting by not having class and forcing those around them to look at their butts. You say to “look the other way” except it doesn’t work that way.

      • I second that ! If these women only knew how filthy ugly they look from behind in those thong things. Like ‘vomit in your mouth’ ugly !

  3. I care I’m a smaller woman but have curves and a pretty big backside and I don’t wear the thong bikini bottoms and believe me I could pull it off if I wanted to but I dislike going to the beach or pool because literally all the girls have thongs on and I don’t want to see your ass like fr put it away not to mention at the beach there’s children and you’re really going to be nasty enough to have your whole ass in their face? Anyways I do care and wish it had never started as a style but I have found some on amazon that aren’t like that you u just really have to look for them also there’s some really sexy one pieces on there that don’t have the thong bottoms. Also does anyone else feel like the high waisted thong bottoms just look stupid like it looks like you have a wedgie every where lol.

  4. Bluh. I can’t stand thong bikini bottoms. I think they look stupid, but if someone decides to wear one on the beach, I’m not about to go up to them and say as much or demand they not wear them.

  5. When porn is prevalent in today’s society, you men don’t need to see it on a beach. Being a woman, I don’t wish to see another woman’s ass.

  6. I agree with this entirely and am sadder to see that we are the minority in the society. Feeling the need to publicly show off your butt in front of families and children at the beach is tasteless. Do we not realize how we are affecting the younger generation and what kind of example we are setting for them? This is just the beginning. Before you know it, young girls will succumb to sexualizing themselves more because it’s “trendy”. It’s disgusting, bring back some class.

  7. Yes, THANK YOU I WAS HOPING I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THIS!!! And it’s weird because sometimes the bottom part isn’t even a thing. They just pull it so far up their ass just to give people the illusion that they have a big butt. I’m quite petite and skinny but at least I admit that I don’t have a particularly huge bum. I can’t stand ANYTHING going up my ass so this trend is SO STUPID.

  8. Nicely worded! I was taught modesty as a young lady and it’s stuck with me in adulthood. I increasingly see more and more of these thong bikinis and wonder to myself.. just why? If it’s for the purpose of showing off your body, you can still do that by covering your privates. Leave some to the imagination, ladies!

  9. I didn’t know that was a trend. I probably didn’t know because I don’t go swimming ’cause I won’t wear a swim suit, one piece, two piece, bikini, full butt coverage, etc. Hell, I don’t wear shorts or tank tops. I have recently found long sleeve swim tops and full length swim pants. Now I will swim again.
    I don’t have a problem with the thong style for others; I would not have ever worn such a thing myself even back in my 105 lb. much much younger days. However, to each her own. I do agree that women shouldn’t be virtually forced into wearing certain styles that are unflattering/uncomfortable on them because the stores? designers? powers that be? decide that what is trendy is all they will carry.

  10. Just wear what you like. There are lots of online stores too. I think they look fine, I don’t judge girls/women by the size of their bikini bottoms.

  11. Glad there’s other women who don’t enjoy displaying their ass to the whole world. Not surprised the men in the comments don’t mind. No sh*t. I wish men would start wearing thongs at the beach. Not because I want to look, but because then men will understand what it’s like to be at the beach with his family and have to see men’s asses everywhere he looks.

  12. I am a woman and cannot help it but to look. It’s seems so uncomfortable. What is the point. You know people will look!

  13. I’m glad this was mentioned. I’m all for body positivity and wearing what you like but at the same time I rather not see other women’s bare asses. I was bathing suit shopping for the gym and everything was a thong or cheeky-style. I tried 4 different stores and was so frustrated. When I did find something full coverage it was high-waisted. This trend needs to go like, yesterday. I have celluite, I’m 41 years old and don’t have the confidence or the body to pull this off. I also rather not show my ass. Wal-mart already sold out of my size. They sell regular bikinis still.


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