6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Sport To Play


It is believed that if you do not like any sports, then you have not yet found what suits you. There are many types of sports activities suited to every fancy. Nowadays, taking care of your health has become popular. Sports clubs and gyms have opened for people of all ages.

Do you want to become much stronger and build up impressive strong muscles? Go in for weightlifting and training in the gym with a barbell, dumbbells, blocks. Do you need to be stronger? You can start running sprint distances – three kilometers a day is nothing for a healthy person, right? Do you want a slim and toned body without a drop of excess fat? Fitness, aerobics are waiting for you.

But what should be considered when choosing the right activity for you?

To choose the type of sports activities right for you, you might want to consider asking yourself these 6 questions:

1. What result do I want to get?

If you want to lose weight, then this requires sports with the periodic load. These include athletics, cycling, running, skiing. To improve the shape, to pump up certain muscle groups need to be engaged in the gym with a trainer who will select the necessary exercises for you. There are also special programs for body modeling in fitness, such as shaping. Swimming is also useful for this purpose. If your goal is general well being and stamina, then cardiovascular exercises, jogging and swimming classes will be the best choice

2. What can I do regarding to the state of my health?

If you have a chronic illness, consult your doctor. Perhaps you should visit groups of physical therapy or choose areas in the sport that are not damaging  with your illness. In that case, yoga can be a great fit.

3. What is my level of sports training?

If earlier you didn’t play sports and your body is not prepared for serious muscular loads, then you shouldn’t immediately start with hard sports such as power trainers or fitness. Start with more gentle activities, such as swimming or cycling, to prepare the cardiovascular system for stress.

4. Do I want to train in a group?

Many people like group activities such as fitness, aerobics or football, while others prefer to train on their own. Scientists claim that group classes have excellent motivation for personal improvement and development. If a person performs exercises in a group corresponding to his physical development, a person will strive, despite fatigue, laziness and other factors, to keep up with the others, to be the best and show an enviable result.

5. Is the cost of classes acceptable for me and is it convenient to get to a sports club?

Some sports may require significant financial costs, for example, in order to engage in cycling, you need a bicycle, a helmet and other things that cost a fortune. Or, for example, clubs for horse riding are usually located on the outskirts of the city which  can cost you extra money on the road.

6. What classes do I enjoy more?

If despite fatigue, after a workout, you feel uplifted and excited to come back, then this is your sport. Forcing yourself to engage in a long time that you do not like at all, is unlikely to succeed. Choose the one, that brings you joy and satisfaction

Sports promote health, give positive emotions, relieve stress and increase self-esteem. If you find for yourself your kind of sports activities, a sport will become an integral part of your life, a source of energy and good mood

Featured image via Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash



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