What No One Tells You About Searching For A Job

We’re told how important it is to get an education. Go to college. Get a degree and get a good job. Except, it’s not that easy or simple. It’s not the same situation or circumstances for every single person.

We’re not told about the struggles. Unfortunately, we’re not told about what happens when we don’t get a full time job straight out of college or even two years down the road. We’re not told what the reality is for finding a job with the specific degree.

If you’re anything like me, you send out resumes 10 times a week, apply for jobs left and right, and get nothing in return. Better yet, all the rejection emails make you feel that you’re unqualified and inexperienced.

How are we supposed to learn skills that we need and become qualified if no ones willing to train us and give us the experience we need?

We’re not told that the job we may get may have nothing to do with our degree, or that our degree is simply not worth it or in a industry of need.

Then, we then have to come up with another plan. We have to start thinking of other options. Do we go back to school for more schooling that may or may not help you? Do we jump into a trade school? Or do we get certified in something? Do we do something we don’t enjoy just for the money? All these things we bypassed and didn’t give much thought before our degree, because then why would we have earned the degree to fall back on something that doesn’t require it?

It’s frustrating and stressful. Don’t get me wrong, education is very important and a great thing to invest in-not everyone has the privilege to obtain it. It can be very beneficial and in some cases necessary, depending on your career interest.

I didn’t know what I wanted “to be.”

Personally, I didn’t know what I wanted to go to school for and what I wanted to do after college. I wish I was one of you guys who knew you wanted to be a nurse, so you went to nursing school, or a lawyer, so you went to law school. That wasn’t me and it wasn’t a lot of other people either.

So what if you go to college unsure of what you want to do? What if you have no idea exactly what path you want to take, what job you desire? We get through college, graduate and pray something comes our way. When it doesn’t, we become devastated and are left feeling defeated, lost and even depressed, because we don’t know where our place is nor when we will find it.

Seeking a full-time job for some, feels like a full-time headache.

I think a lot of times you just get lucky. However, I think it’s important to not get hopeless, because sometimes it will feel that way. You may feel like your life has become stagnant. You may find yourself working a job or in an industry you have no passion for and that your goals have become few to none.

We will feel like we will never find a full-time job, or that we will never be happy or successful with a career. While we’re drowning in our own tears we’ll have to watch everyone else figure it out.

A little secret, no one has it figured out and no one ever will. Keep applying to jobs, keep chasing your dreams, and never stop believing in yourself. F

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