4 Lessons From Your Science Classes That Still Matter As An Adult

We all took science classes throughout grade school and some people took it in college. Science classes taught us about the earth, the human body, and thinking about the future in a critical way. Many topics we learned in class still impact to us as young adults. So, let’s reminisce and also keep our brains engaged in science with these 4 topics that are relevant to everyday young adult life.

Health/ Nutrition

Weight loss and healthy eating are all the craze right now. We’re trying all the fad diets and exercise plans to keep our aging bodies fit. If we reflect back on our nutrition classes, though, we can remember the food pyramid and trying to make a colorful plate of healthy food. Keep it simple and remember that it’s all about eating the proper things for our bodies.


Our future and protection of the Earth has always been a huge topic of discussion. When we were younger, climate change was just starting to pop up with Al Gore. Now, many people believe the effects of climate change are showing. We see these changes in snowfall and precipitation around the United States, plus natural disasters are occurring more frequently around the planet. There are many different ways to help improve the environment and do your part to help the Earth. It’s not about picking sides; it’s about sustaining our planet.


We learned all about germs, hand washing, and how illnesses develop. We did a fun activity in elementary school with a black light to see how well we washed our hands. It was fun, but also opened our eyes to proper self-care. As adults, diseases have a whole new meaning. We don’t just worry about catching a cold, it’s the fact that a cold can turn into pneumonia. It’s important to not only remember what we learned about hand washing, but also attend regular doctor visits and medical care.

Scientific Inquiry/ Critical Thinking

We all remember memorizing the scientific method in middle school and thinking about how useless it was at the time. But as adults, we need to make important decisions, and using those decision-making and analytical skills are excellent ways to help us sort through complicated parts of our life. From deciding to leave a job to selecting your insurance benefits: it all requires critical thinking.

Science was not always the most interesting or exciting class. Many of us thought we would never use that science stuff again, but we really use more science lessons in our daily lives than we even realize.

Feature Image by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


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