5 Dope Kickstarters You Need To Know About Right Now

When you’re in the mood for retail therapy, head to Kickstarter first. The platform carries new inventions and designs, so you can be one of the first to try them out. This makes you a trendsetter. It also gives you the opportunity to support small businesses/artists, those who are often copied by big corporations. Take advantage of the “explore” filter and shop from local businesses, which will help your country’s economy.

Basically, help yourself (and everybody else) by discovering something new on Kickstarter:

1. Volo Go Cordless Hair Dryer

kickstarter Volo Go Cordless Hair Dryer from kickstarter.com

This portable device provides you the freedom to walk around as you blow dry your hair. “What else can you do while you blow dry your hair?” you ask. Dry Hair, don’t care.

2. RADIAN JEANS: Jeans with deep front pockets

Kickstarter Radian Jeans, jeans with deep front pockets from kickstarter.com

If you regularly wear women’s jeans, you know the traditional pockets are useless. Radian Jeans are shaking things up by designing denim with pockets deep enough for your phone, cash, and keys. Because of this, your purse will be lighter and weight will literally be lifted off your shoulders. Bye bye back pain.

3. ECO SOAPR: A dispenser for bar soaps

You can finally stop collecting artisan bar soaps and actually use them by getting the Eco Soapr. This device shaves off flakes of soap into your hand by using a motion sensor. This is great for germaphobes who don’t want to touch bar soaps due to its previous contact to dirty hands. The Eco Soapr also eliminates the nasty puddle that forms around the bar, making now the best time to show off your favourite bar soap scents to your guests.

4. WHO’S SHE? – a guessing game about extraordinary women

Kickstarter Who's She, a guessing game about extraordinary women from kickstarter.com

Flex your feminism by challenging your friends with this game. It focuses on important women by having players ask about accomplishments, instead of physical traits, to identify the non-fictional characters. You can ask questions like, “Did she study science?” “Was she a famous artist?” Who’s She? is a great gift to young girls because it teaches them to focus more on their capabilities than their appearances. Smart!

5. ERVÉT: A two-duvet bedding system for couples

Kickstarter Ervét, a two-duvet bedding system for couples from kickstarter.com

Keep the game, tug of war, where it belongs: outside of the bedroom. The ervét duvet has a magnetic inseam down the middle, which allows it to split into two when pulled apart, only letting your partner steal half of the blanket in the middle of the night. The days waking up frozen will be far behind you. Plus, if you and your S.O. prefer different temperatures, you can customize the thickness of each side with inserts. Stay comfortable while you cuddle!

These are only some of the amazing products on Kickstarter. They carry thousands of product ideas, categorized by interests. Everyone can find something they love. It’s an excellent website to buy gifts from, without worrying about giving the same gift as another person. No matter what shopping situation you’re in, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Featured Image via Pexels


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