How Millennials Dictate The New Rules of Style

Every generation tends to put its own unique stamp, whether is it with clothes, music, dance moves, or with all of that combined. Millennials are known for their frisky and vivid character, as well as for their unrestrained outlook towards life unlike any other generation before them. But the true nature of this generation is that they are utterly reshaping the fashion world. They are implementing totally cool and genuine style thus putting a long-lasting mark to all other future generation.

And here is how they dictate the new rules of style.

The minimalism business approach


The millennial generation is more self-conscious of the world we are living in. They won’t certainly head out to buy a new bag just because a celebrity has advertised it. No, they create their own minimalism plan of attack. Meaning, when they opt to buy a new piece of clothing for business, they will go for one statement item that they could match with various looks. For example, they will rock off fancy culotte with a white T-shirt. A super-expensive designer bag may not feel unique enough to fit their outlook towards life. They know how to highlight what is important and rule out the excess things. For instance, they would wear a simple sleek gray suit and top it up with a bright yellow purse, or pencil-straight emerald green trousers with a black leather jacket, and so on.

Personalized mode


Something that makes this generation stand out from all others is the fact that there is no limitations and concise rules of what they could wear. Basically, they are aiming to set their own unique style by combining various characteristics of previous runways looks. If we take a deeper look into their wardrobe, we would notice that they are choosing unique pieces of the outfit that can work with any given situation, weather and event. What is more, their style is versatile and can be reused and altered with every new designer clothing that pops out in the shops. They make their own personalized approach to expensive designer clothes by singling out one multipurpose pair of shoes and rocking them out with everything.

Focal accessories


One of the most important rules of styles that millennials dictate is going bold and big. Nowadays, many generations are exposed to numerous fashion brands. That is why millennials are raising the quality bar and are rather going to buy a minimalist, but an extravagant piece of accessory then plain branded one. Their pivotal style is focused on buying items which they can wear in any given situation and match with any outfit. Millennials will rather purchase one statement necklace rather than buying an abundance of other accessories. What is more, they are more willing to invest a significant amount of money into fine golden Italian jewelry which they would wear in any given moment. Unlike the current consumer society, this generation is more aware of the significance of quality jewelry and other accessories. So, they would invest into fine jewelry rather than pilling up miscellaneous accessories.

Embracing the barriers


There are no limitations to their style. In this century, millennials are pushing the limits of style and going beyond the plain and simple. Anyone should have the freedom to wear what the want, and with that in mind, there aren’t any gender limitations. They promote unisex hoodies and jackets, gender-fluid denim, and there are definitely abandoning the notion that pink is for girls and blue for boys. When it comes to their fashion world, wearing outfits that will make you stand out is a must. Embrace the barriers by wearing baggy pants with white sneakers, signature black polo shirt with minimalistic jewelry, or navy blue ripped leggings with a motorcycled leather jacket.

Millennials are all about experimenting and merging the incomparable. Believe it or not, but their rule of style is that there is no specific rule you can follow. This lack of definitions gives millennials the freedom to do whatever they desire.

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